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[Comments] (1) Mausoleum: I think something has crawled under the house and died. It smells bad, but not as bad today as yesterday. I hope this hot weather we are having will dry it out fast.

I'm wondering if it was Tuxedo Tom. The last couple of weeks he has done nothing but sleep in the bushes, and he wasn't looking so good. Now I haven't seen him for a couple of days.

Some Kind of Record: Today, every student came to class. It was a miracle! Many of them were tardy, but they came! Hey there hey there. This was a good thing because today we did sentence combining with the relative pronouns and the $12 million comma rule that goes with them.

Now I have all the papers graded, so I can be FREE all weekend!

[Comments] (1) Reading: I finished Gould's I Have Landed. I love to read Gould, and it makes me sad to know there will be no more of his brilliant books. I took a little detour and read Snow White and the Seven Samuri by Tom Holt. It's funny. (funny ha ha and a little bit funny peculiar.) It's all the fairy stories, Star Trek, LOTR, Narnia, Harry Potter, and who knows what else mixed together.

Now I'm working on an advance copy of Frances Mayes, A Year In The World. It's a rather nice travelogue, but somehow I think I'd rather go to the places myself than read about them in someone else's travelogue. Because I'm reading an uncorrected proof, I'm also bugged by the typos I find. I wonder if I could get a job doing that--reading books and finding the errors. So far I've only found one error of fact, but what do I know?

Next I need to be starting on the Borges biography. I don't think the travelogue will take me very many days.


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