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[Comments] (5) Wannabee: I think that as a young teen I would have been a Goth, if there had been such a thing, but there wasn't. I spent my adolescence reading Edgar Allan Poe by candlelight. Of course, it was ungehort for any kid to dress in black back then, but I would have.

We had the perfect old graveyard to hang out in in Rico. Decrept fences, splitting apart old wooden markers. The 4-H club cleaned it up for a service project once, and as I was raking up the long grass I raked up a pile of bones. I loved that. And at Halloween, I was the spook alley building queen.

I can't put my finger on when I finally let go all the gothic weltschmertz. Possibly when I became a parent and I was just going for survival with no time to bask in those feelings. I'm still a little bit "that way." Someone at work told me I am morbid. Well, what do they expect?


Posted by Susie at Wed Jan 18 2006 07:12

No, no, the best part is that now I am a Susie and people find it shocking to learn of my former goth-ness. Shock value!

Actually, back then it was more of the anti-shock value. I wanted people to accept me for who I was, so I started off extra-weird so the real me would seem more normal.

Posted by John at Wed Jan 18 2006 08:16

I still don't understand how you, mom, or Susie could have ever been goth. I mean, come on, you gals LOVE bright pink (often to my extreme behest).

Posted by Susie at Wed Jan 18 2006 08:46

*laughing in her cubicle*

Posted by rachel + at Wed Jan 18 2006 11:27


Posted by camilla at Fri Jan 20 2006 01:11

I often wish I had been born 10 years earlier so I would be this age in time for the culture of depression, and people wouldn't make fun of me for being melancholy.

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