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[Comments] (2) Saturday: Today I went to a baby shower for Christa (Settlemire) Finley. There were really a lot of people there--Drew's relatives, people from their ward, neighbors, Christa's co-workers, and people from our ward. There wasn't room for everyone and the co-workers stood at the back. (By the refreshment table, heh.)

No kidding, she sat and opened presents for a solid hour. It certainly was a wealth of stuff--most of it kind of the same though, little onsies and overall outfits. I hope she can take a lot of it back. She didn't get any little undershirts and not enough nightgowns. I also thought she didn't get enough socks, but Karen Olson said she thinks two packages is enough.

What's funny about baby showers nowadays is the girls get things that I never heard of and wouldn't know what to do with them. Times have really changed and a baby's equipment needs have blossomed. I would have never though I needed a special nursing pillow, for example, or a "Tummy Time Mat" for the baby.

Christa's co-workers put on a nicer show this time than they did for her bridal shower. At her bridal shower they gave her lots of embarassing, nasty things. (Christa made Wendy go with her to return them.)

I won the game. I always win at these things because my head is full of useless trivia. The prize was a very nice picture frame that holds three pictures. I picked the flat package instead of the gift bag for a prize because I feared getting yet another candle or tube of body lotion.


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