Jabberwocky for 2006 January 26 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (1) Dysfunctional: Gretel is terrified of trucks. UPS truck, Ryder rental truck, any truck. She hears that diesel motor and goes bananas. I think it goes back to when she was a puppy and got hit, but the phobia is getting worse. It's been pretty bad the last month because our neighbor has a rental truck he is parking by our driveway every evening.

I keep telling her to stay in her "cave" and she will be all right.

Today I went to the eye doctor and my prescription hasn't changed much. Bad me, it has been two years since my last visit. Sears has their $99 glasses deal going until February 18, so tomorrow I will go pick some out. Rachel is going to help me choose, and then we will go to lunch at Flame and Skewer, a new Mediterranean restaurant that just opened. We've been watching the construction--with bated breath--for almost a year now, and finally they have put up a banner that says they are open.

Yummm, gyros.


Posted by Susie at Fri Jan 27 2006 07:22

I am *trying* to donate blood at a drive accross the street today. They are giving out coupons for free gyros!


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