Jabberwocky for 2006 January 28 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (4) Slacker: I stayed in bed all day today. I found two magazines, a Sunset and a This Old House that had been Irmaed, so I hadn't read them. These kept me suitably entertained when not sleeping. Cough is back.

I did do one useful thing, which is put the sprinkler on the raspberries (which I should have done a week or two ago.) We shall see how the raspberries do with such a slacker momma.


Posted by Marianne at Sat Jan 28 2006 18:17

What is "Irmaed?"

Posted by Susie at Mon Jan 30 2006 19:50

Being "put away" by Irma, the housekeeper.

Posted by anonymous at Tue Jan 31 2006 09:59

I see that you have your own language, too! When I was little, the worst possible thing you ever could have called anyone was a "dosh." My mother loved it, of course. It came from when I was a baby (I was the oldest of 5) and she was potty training me. She would say in cute baby talk, "Dosh, what a dood dirl," when I accomplished a "dosh" in the little potty. She wanted me to say, "Dood dirl,"but I fouled up the plan and said, "Dosh."

Posted by Marianne at Tue Jan 31 2006 11:29

I hope that wasn't offensive!! And I forgot to sign it.


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