Jabberwocky for 2006 February 14 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (4) What Did You Get... uh... Give?: *I* got a Harry Potter tatoo of a dragon. I'm thinking of putting it on my cheek. I don't know if for work or for church would be the most shocking. I'm afraid they are getting immune to me at church.


Posted by Rachel at Tue Feb 14 2006 21:45

i probably have some more. Maybe not tho, there were only a few dragons and i put on on my wrist. But i also have a goblet, harry, hermione, ron, viktor krum, cedric diggory, and fleur (but I might have given all those away). Jenn got an HP one and she put it on her chest!

Posted by Susie at Wed Feb 15 2006 07:19

probably immune.

Posted by Susie at Wed Feb 15 2006 07:19

I got HP3 DVD!

Posted by Alyson at Wed Feb 15 2006 19:09

I hope you're feeling better. *Loves*


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