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[Comments] (4) Do You Wonder Where I Am?: I am sick.


Posted by Susie at Tue Feb 21 2006 07:25

poor mamica.

Posted by John at Tue Feb 21 2006 11:39

So sorry to hear you are so sick. Fingers crossed I can break away from the shackles of my job and come with Susie next time.

Posted by Marianne at Tue Feb 21 2006 16:57

Sorry, Francis. Whenever you don't post for a few days I wonder if you are sick.

Posted by Janet at Tue Feb 28 2006 15:44

I came here to "check up" on you.. haven't seen you post for a bit, so I was afraid you weren't feeling well. You know we all love you and miss you when you're not in all of our conversations!


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