Jabberwocky for 2006 February 28 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (4) Update: Mom is in the hospital but wished to emphasize that you ARE NOT TO GET EXCITED!



Posted by Janet at Tue Feb 28 2006 22:34

Post how she is ASAP or we WILL get "excited"!!!! Tell her we've been missing her!

Posted by Marianne at Tue Feb 28 2006 23:08

Please keep up posted.

Posted by Michele at Tue Feb 28 2006 23:10

Please tell Frances we are all thinking about her and praying for her. I forwarded the message in the blog to the list.

Posted by Janna at Wed Mar 01 2006 14:47

Excited, nothing. Excited is for a cure, or a new kitty or grandbaby, or even finding something buried against your foundation in a black plastic bag with something that you hope is fur at the top (though that's a rather different sort of excitement, isn't it?). Excited is for flowers arriving in time for spring planting or great deals on really good fabric or a family history breakthrough or a fun vacation to Scotland.

For this we are worried. Rachel, thanks for letting us know and tell Frances we are pretending very hard that we are not worried.


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