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Might be Springtime: I did some work today--hauled out all the recycling and the trash, made beans, and then I pulled weeds. Most of the daffodils are up. I blinked this week and the broccoli bolted on me.

I keep forgetting about that big stack of papers I have to grade this weekend. I guess I have spring fever about those also.

Gretel is really, really wanting to come back in the house, and I am really, really wanting to have a shower without her.

[Comments] (9) Let's Buy Some More Lego: Poor Denmark is hard hit by the boycott from the Muslim fundamentalists. These are folks who don't believe in freedom of speech, for sure. We need to help our friends and all run out and buy some Danish cheese. And Danish butter cookies. And Danish ham for sandwiches. And Lego. Lots and lots of Lego.


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