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[Comments] (8) You Go, Denmark!: I white-knuckled it through work today and then went to Young's. They had a huge selection of Danish cheeses--I never noticed before. I got a Danish brie in a little wooden cheese box, some "mellow bleu" and one called Flora Danica. Like the china, ha ha. It appears to be a bleu with herbs in it. I got some crackers to eat it with, but I'm thinking of stuffing celery stalks with the "Mellow Bleu".

Young's was my choice of store because they had whole chickens advertized for $.49 a pound, but they were out and not expecting any more in at that price. So I didn't get chickens. I didn't see their flyer in the mail last Tuesday, so I didn't know about the sale until I saw it on the marquee on Sunday.


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