Jabberwocky for 2006 March 1 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (4) update 2: The good news is Mom doesn't have pnuemonia (sp?); the bad news is they aren't sure what is making her cough & her heart rate go so fast. But I can tell she is feeling better because she gripped about being in the hospital and starting reading the Nora Roberts novel I brought to her.


Posted by Michele at Wed Mar 01 2006 23:14

Good news! Tell her to take advantage of the service...clean sheets...meals on trays that magically disappear. Time to do nothing but read. And to come home quickly!

Posted by Marianne at Thu Mar 02 2006 12:24

Thanks for letting us know and tell her hello and love from Arizona.

Posted by Marianne at Thu Mar 02 2006 13:35

Ah, two Mariannes. Love from Wyoming as well. Thanks for keeping us posted. Lots of prayers and good thoughts for a speedy recovery. Come home soon, where you can get some rest!

Posted by Kristen at Thu Mar 02 2006 21:47

Definitely take advantage of the meals, and the relaxation. Loves, Kristen


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