Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2000 16:55:20 -0700
From: Frances Whitney <>

My grandfather, Lewis J. Whitney, was a contractor who built many houses, highways, tunnels, and bridges, including the one through Zion Canyon. He died when I was a toddler, and although I don't have any memory of him, I'm told we were crazy about each other.

I have had sitting on my desk for the last year some old B&W photos of construction of some of the bridges which were preserved by my aunt LeJeune Whitney. The plan was to make a scrapbook page of bridges. To these, I added prints from some slides I took when Aunt Jeuney and I took a trip through southern Utah in April of 1984 to find and photograph some of the bridges. I'd actually never looked at these slides, except by holding them up to a window briefly, and was quite impressed by the way I captured the monumental size of the projects as well as the glowering Utah sky. I printed these off with my new Epson Perfection 1200 scanner, and the color is fabulous.

Today I went to craft stores to try to find some background paper which would be suitable for a pair of bridge pages. I found a soft grey and beige "toile" print of (French? Italian?) bridges, and also a new sticker design sheet by PSE of suns, rainbows, stars, and old-fashioned hot air balloons--very subtle colors, and including a saying that reads "I'll always be a dreamer."

I also picked up a small grey bulldozer die-cut. While I was selecting these materials I felt my grandfather's spirt very near me, and he stayed with me as I matted the photos and laid out the pages. I felt very touched and grateful for this brief contact with someone from the other side of the veil.