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Funny things: I heard today...

"There are nice ones and naughty ones like 'Hey lets make Icecream sundaes tonight' is nice, while 'Hey babe, I'll bring the nuts and chocolate syrup if you bring the cherry' is naughty."

"Can you believe I'm seventy and still wearing a g-string?"

"I'm going to choke on my ice!" "Don't worry, it should melt before you expire."

[Comments] (2) Museum of Ancient Life: Yesterday we went to the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving point. I don't care what your philosophy is on how or when or why dinosaurs etc, existed they are still cool to learn about. I hadn't been to the museum in years but it still was fascinating to walk around. Of course my favorite was t-Rex and the giant shark. I still remember years ago when all of my cousins were in town and we pretended to throw Lorna in the shark's mouth, I ducked from the caveman skeleton that was throwing a rock, and Frances posed with the archeologists because we were sure to be related!

[Comments] (14) Precepting: Newsflash... I get to precept this semester in the ER at Ogden Regional Hospital. I am so excited!!!

[Comments] (1) lazy: I have nothing much to report except that I am LAZY. I have always known this, but I realize that I really just pretty much do nothing most of the time. I guess it's becaus I have to be so efficent at work and school, that I can't do it at home. oh well.

Current Projects: -catching up on my scrapbook. Doing ok except I haven't started BB season and I just printed 200 new pics. Yes seriously at least 200. I have an addiction. -Finishing my recipe book. I am frusterated because I can't find my 34th ward RS cookbook and it has recipes I need. Otherwise it is looking awesome. -Cleaning my room. Not doing so well, let's be honest. -Laundry. Hate it, need to desperatly do it. and for the love it's FREE finally, why don't I just do it already!?! -petting the dogs and watching TV....very good at this.

Random thought: I went to the movies (finally saw Indiana Jones) and there was a poster that disturbed me... "No children under 6 allowed in rated-R movies after 6 p.m. Keep your child safe." ummm last time I checked children under 6 shouldn't go to rated-R movies period. Not to mention before 6 anyway...

New favorite quote: "All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another." -Anatole France

[Comments] (1) My new job: I love my new job a lot. It is a lot of fun actually. I am working as a nurse at the new Intermountain Medical (aka the Death Star or Mother ship), on the 12th floor. This building is SO tall, and the view is spectacular. I can't wait until I am a registered nurse and get to play with the IV's here, but I can do everything else as an LPN. Yay for the real rocks!!

[Comments] (1) ready or not here I come: I'm a final away from being done with the semester. This semester change is going to be a big change for me. For the summer I'm moving back home. Haven't lived at home, or even spent more than a week there for about 6 years, but it is the financially responisble thing to do. Also with the move means new job(s). I've applied for a bunch of hospital jobs in the Salt Lake area and am just waiting to hear back from them. I'm going to miss Logan/USU. I've had some awesome times and met many incredible people. Change sucks sometimes. This quote summarizes how I feel:

"Change means movement. Movement means friction. Only in the frictionless vacuum of a nonexistent abstract world can movement or change occur without that abrasive friction of conflict." -Saul David Alinsky

It's going to be an adjustment, but it needs to happen.

[Comments] (3) update: here are some of my latest adventures...

This weekend I had the opportunity to work in a facility for clinicals, in which I worked with people who were not guilty by reasons of insanity. It was an interesting and almost overwhelming experience. As part of this clinical rotation we completed a schizo voices experiment where we listened to "voices" while completing tasks. I did pretty well, but the longer I listened the flatter my affect became and the harder it was to respond appropriately. Some voices were pleasent and others were irrational. Some weren't distinct voices but just ongoing abnormal noises. I found myself thinking about what the voices were talking about, feeling guilty for things they said I did, or the way I interpreted them. In order to ignore the voices I exhibited a thought disorder of "concrete thinking" in which you state, almost just state the obvious I guess, because you don't have the time or energy to think deeply. The experience was emotionally draining, leaving me physically tired. It was a positive experience though because I can now appreciate how difficult living with voices and thought disorders can be. I can understand why some people don't get treatment, others do well with treatment, and others don't respond to treatment at all.

Christmas time is here....: ...which means that 2008 is right around the corner. Don't remember what my '07 New Years resolutions were, so I doubt I accomplished them. One was probably about improving my blogging skills. oh well.

But here is what I did do with my year:

I graduated from nursing school year 1 and passed my NClex-PN boards. I work 2 nursing jobs. I went to Las Cruses for the WAC tourney and met lots of awesome people while watching lots of awesome basketball. I turned 24 and celebrated 80's rock style. I lost a good friend to a really rare disease. I finally moved, after staging a revolution with my roommates against our managers. I passed pathophysiology. I fell down a waterfall and have several scars to prove it. I spent many days getting sunburnt at bear lake. I bought a new car. I saw a grim, subsquenting in weeks of terrible luck. and I got into weber state to finish my 2nd year of nursing.

So what does my future hold? Transferring to WSU which lets be honest I rather go to BYU and that is saying something. But I will be done withschool in 1 year and will never go back. Then I can fulfill my dreams of being an ER nurse, and travel the world with Doctors without Borders or something.

Life is good, I am grateful for the many wonderful people and experiences it brings. Thanks to all of you who are a part of it.

Happy holidays!

Love Jill

general conference: Laura's friend had extra tickets to conference so we got to go to the Sat. afternoon session. It was fantastic and besides the olympic opening ceremonies I can honestly say I've never seen so many people in one place at the same time. But story of the day was the protestors. NOt too many this year but there was a guy with a voodoo head around his neck wearing a black top hat and a black and red vampire cape, flapping his arms and saying, "I am Satan...I am satan...and these are all my followers...these missionaries are mine, and these protestors are fighting against me. I am Satan." Tried not to laugh and move along...not because of what he was saying but just because it looked funny. Best part is that if Satan is the king of lies, the great deciver, then he was technically supporting the church by saying that stuff. i love free speech.

the haunting: At work we are being haunted again. Yes, again. We have a "Character" we call Jake (I believe I have posted about him before). Normally it's kind of creepy and entertaining to be a little haunted. But as a nurse it is burning me out. At first the people going crazy were funny..."hey my head just fell off" or the "I'm dead! I'm actaully dead" said one old lady with histerical laughter. But now it's not so funny. People are mysteriously falling and ending up in places it would be impossible for them to be in. People can't tell if they are awake or asleep. Call light buttons are going off in empty rooms, and the button itself is broken in half, when moments earlier it was in one piece. It makes me tired. It makes my head spin. Maybe I'll catch a break this week, and no one will die on my watch, or fall, or think they are dead. Maybe.

[Comments] (4) Time..: What to do with my time? That is the question that is running through my head constantly. now that I am a nurse I only have 1 class and work 3 12 hour shifts a week. That adds up to a lot of extra free time. I need a new hobby. Any ideas?

[Comments] (1) back to normal.: Finished HP 7 in 8 hours...that's 84 pgs an hour. Felt like I had a hangover afterwards. Won't say anything more about it, but if you want to see pictures of me dressed up look here:

I decided that I might as well just dress up as Tonks. Why the heck not!?! So I did, and it was fun. And He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named read my roommates palm, and a bunch of house-elves went on strike...then a raptor ran by and was attacked by Spiderman. Overall waiting for the book to come out was highly entertaining. :)

pottermania: The world has caught a disease I like to call Pottermania. I love it, I got the fever. I'm all ready for the 7th book, although a little nervous. The nerdy part of me can hardly wait. This afternoon though I actually said, "accio phone" out loud when my phone rang and it was in the other room. I swear i'll be back to normal in a week.

[Comments] (2) once upon a time...: I graduated and now i'm waiting to get the authorization to test. Then I get to start training, and then i'll take my lpn boards. So any suggestions on what I should do with my life???? I don't have a place to even live in the fall. oops. oh well.

[Comments] (1) trying to care...: I'm trying to be motivated to pay attention in school. I took to predictor exams for my nursing boards and know I will pass my boards even if I don't learn anything new in school. Makes it pretty hard to pay attention, especially when all of my friends are outside playing and I have homework. At least I will be done soon enough...1 more clinical and 2 more days of lecture, 5 more tests, and 15 more days of school til graduation!

pictures: Supposedly if you look at this link, anyone can see the pictures I took in NYC last summer. I finally loaded them up :)

[Comments] (1) on the topic of other random things.: My new favorite movie is freedom writers. Great book, great movie. We are filing complaints to the owners of our apartments against the managers. What right does the manager have to just come in when ever they want and show our apartment whether we are home or not? They have some of the right because in our contract it states the following, "The managemnet reserves the right to show your apartment, at reasonable times, to possibe future tenants, buyers, etc..." Show it all you want but I don't think that showing people your private room when you aren't home is a "reasonable time". We will see if anything happens. I had a football player I had never even met, text me yesterday offering me $50 to write a paper for him. What the heck is that all about!?! I told him I wouldn't write it but I would edit it for $25. he never wrote back. :)

on the topic of Virginia Tech: I was sad when my teacher announced that there was currently a shooting happening at a campus across the country. I was sadder to find out the story behind it. What does something like this mean? Why? My friend scotty is in Korea doing an internship and he wrote the following on his blog. "It’s been really weird; being in Korea as the story behind the Virginia Tech shootings unfolds. Everyone I’ve talked to in the past three days have all apologized to me; the Korean people are so sorry that one of their own people killed and hurt the lives of so many people. I’ve tried telling people that we don’t think of Cho Seong-hui as a Korean as much as someone who went off the deep-end. I mean, according to reports, he’s lived in the US much longer than he ever lived in Korea.
Koreans don’t accept that as an answer. He’s a Korean; a Korean caused the largest killing spree in US history."
To that I wrote, "As the story unfolds it's about how other Americans treated him that gave him the feelings he had. I feel sorry for the victims, their families, the killer, his family, and all those who can reflect back to something they did, and are now blaming themselves. We live in a screwed up world, and a world where tragedy brings unity, and hopefully people can unify for the good this time."
A couple days agao we help a candle-light vigil at USU to honor the fallen. In the middle of a violinist playing amazing grace, we heard a loud sob, and say on the front row a group of students in VT apparell. After the song was over one of the stood and spoke. To all of our suprise they were a group of students and professors from VT staying in Logan for a Natl. college cow-ropping competition. This was the first time they had the opportunity to fully greive for their classmates and associates. It was quite the emotional sight. Then a fellow USU student stood, and gave advice to the surviovors and all those who mourn. He had the right to give advice, for he was a survivor of the shootings at Columbine high school, and had lost many friends. We live in a screwed up world, like I stated above, but it reminds us what is really important, and unifies us in a war for a better future.

[Comments] (2) on the topic of babies: For the past 5 weeks I have been doing a random group of clinicals for school consisting of Respiratory therapy, Behavioral health, same day surgery, the mother baby unit, Labor and Delivery, and the NICU. Needless to say, besides seeing a gallbladder removed through a tiny home, and a few crazy people, I have spent a lot of time with babies. Oh yeah and the anesthesiolgist let me assist with intubation once--that was pretty cool. I have helped deliver babies who were born after 1-6 pushes, and were fine, babies we we had to resusitate at birth, a c-section, the vaginal delivery of twins, and many new mothers and fathers, who can't believe how it just happened. It has been a very enlightening experience, and I now know how wonderful an epidural is. I have also seen babies survive after a really long struggle for life, some with a ventilator. I congratulate all those who are mothers, because I don't know how you do it between the diapers, the feeding, the crying, the feeding, the diapers, the feeding, more crying, and after another feeding you finally get a nap...jk time to eat again.

it's been awhile.: i can't believe it has been almost 2 months since I have written anything. I'm going to break this up into several entries to keep it readable. First off I passed the HESI with high scores. What is that and what does it mean? The HESI is a predicter test that gives me a good idea on how well I will do on my licensing boards, and by passing I can now apply to a program to finish my RN. We will see if I get accepted, but it is nice to know that I will most likely pass my boards. I am only 7 weeks away from graduation, and I cannot wait!!!

laughter: Needing a good laugh, a friend emailed me this video. Possibly the worst 80's music video ever made you should check it out!

[Comments] (1) POC 3 trailer: Having waited forever for this trailer, I was excited when it finally came.... Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At Worlds End. May 25th, 2007;_ylt=A9FJq6fOZwBG7REBDABfVXcA

[Comments] (2) Green: First off Happy St. Patricks day. Tonight I am going to spend it in SL with some of my old roommates. I'm pretty excited. This week has been school for me and spring break for USU so it's been kind of weird balancing playing with friends, and still doing homework, but I got an A on my tests this week, so I feel I've done ok. I spent last weekend in New Mexico and had an awesome time. Met lots of really cool people from around the nation,watched some good basketball, and even got to see the place where Billy the Kid was finally killed. and of course had to sneak in some REAL, good Mexican food on the way. Now I'm just trying to debate cleaning my room, or just scrapbooking. both need to be done, but it is hard to prioritize the boring one.

[Comments] (4) update: Well this weekend proved to be a random one. I'm busy trying to get all of my homework done before I go to New Mexico for the USU(WAC)bb tournament this week, and I need a break so....On March 2nd I turned 24 years old. Not really sure how I feel about it, but so far it has been ok. I started the day on 2 hours of sleep after having clinical the night before, and getting caught in a blizzard on the way home, to go to another clinical. So now when people ask what i did for my birthday i can say i gave a suppository, and pulled outa catheter. My family came up on my birthday, and then yesterday i had a blast going to the basketball game, and then my roommates threw me and 80's rock themed birthday party. I had an electric guitar shaped cake with neon pink was pretty cool. Kind of interesting to get all of my friends together at once, but we had a good time. That morning was a bit rough, when I got a call from my friend Kris, that David Haws had finally passed away. it took it a lot harder then I thought, and tomorrow I am skipping school to go to the funeral in Murray. It will be a good day I hope. Other than all that life is good, super busy cause i work every Sat-Wednesday 2-10p.m. and then have clinicals Thursday 2-11p.m., and friday morning I am burning myself out but next month will be a lot better i hope!

[Comments] (5) disorder cont...: Here is the basics of what happened... Around 6:45p.m. last night, a random 18 year old boy decided he held a grudge against the world and took a shot gun into the trolley square mall (downtown SLC) and just began shooting at everything and everyone. He killed 5 people, and there are 4 more in critical condition. 2 places to get good information is, and Crazy week for UT.