New Years: In the beginning of 2005... Did you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: no How old were you? 21 What was your outlook on the world? I was in a series of unfortunate events, and spent New Years eve totaling my car and working so it wasn't the brightest. How were you doing at school/your job? just about to start a semester that would affect the rest of my life, and still working graveyards every other night. What did you most look forward to? Aggie Men's basketball, kept me sane. Did you make New Year's Resolutions? not that I remember What was your biggest worry? what to do about Nursing school Who was your best friend? my roommates sarah and elise What did you do with your spare time? scrapbook, sleep, play with hot boys What did you do for fun? basketball games, play with hot boys. In the middle of 2005- the summer!... Did you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? too busy trying not to be kissed by counselors ;) Had your outlook on the world changed? yes, no more unfortunate events. What did you spend your summer doing? traveling, flirting, and spreading the gospel through EFY Did you get tan? the traditional polo shirt tan Who'd you hang out with, mainly? 9 fantastic people, Sean, Julia, Joshu, Melis, Moe, Duaners, Jacob, Desiree, and Mikey aka Snape. Did you go visit anywhere? nope. my parents wanted me to work What was your biggest worry? being an effective leader What was the most fun event that happened? all nighters in the ER...not necessarily the most fun, but they were the most memorable, and even special experiences that I had. And as the year comes to an end... Still got a significant other? oh where to begin... How old are you? 22 What major changes have happened since the year began? I am actually going to graduate, and I have made a whole new group of friends this year. Is your life any different from when it started this year? always changing for good and bad. What thing that happened stands out in your mind? suicides, marriages, but most of all life-changing friends. How have you changed? care even less what people think of me, but have lost all stage confidence...I guess I have grown accustomed over the past year, and even comfortable being in the background so I no longer have to be on stage, in control. What was the most embarrassing moment? nothing embarasses me long enough for me to remember that it should be an embarassing moment. When was your lowest point? not kissing people when the opportunity presented itself. Are you happy with how the year went? yes it was overall a very enjoyable experience. What thing would you change if you could? being there for more people when they needed it. For 2006... What do you plan to not do that you did this year? have a series of unfortunate events, and probably EFY Do you think it'll be better than this year? too many changes coming up...it could go either way. Do you think it'll be WORSE than this year? only if I am stupid, but then I hope I can recognize it is my own fault. What do you plan to do next year? go to nursing school, get over some fears, and actually attend class everyday, all day like I am paying to do (that would be a first for me in college). What are your New Year's resolutions? attend all classes everyday for an entire week. and to live with no regrets. Who are you spending New Year's Eve with? some of the coolest people I know...niki, megan, aaron, audrey, ryan, dummer, chintzy, etc, etc, etc.... And to wrap it up.. I want to thank everyone for being patient with me, for teaching me, and for beign my friend. Everyone has something to offer, find it, learn from it. The best use of life is to spend it on something that will outlast it, let it be love. I love you all, and hope you have the greatest year yet!!

[Comments] (2) my high school reunion: ok so I didn't really have a formal high school reunion, but i might as well have. My good friend from hs--Kris married another girl from hs. Kris is one of the most amazing people I konw, and I hope that everything works out wonderfully. It was crazy to see tons of people from school that I haven't seen forever, and especially to see how many of them married each other. Murray has an incredible rate of marriage amongst itself, at least 25% of people from Murray marry someone else from murray, although it is rare that they dated in hs. my mother doesn't like this idea very much though :) she doesn't get the whole utah thing though, but mostly it is becasue not only are these people marrying each other, but they end up living in murray forever as well. I have to say I don't think I would mind it.

[Comments] (4) burned out paranoia: I hate applying for nursing schools. Diversity week is finally over. We had a great time playing WC Basketball, doing a diversity carnival for all the groups on campus to be seen and heard, playing diversity triva games, etc... College of republicans made a statement by offering a $100 Diversity scholarship..."everyone welcome to apply unless you are a white American". They did get their point across though, and now the Affirmative Action stuff is being examined by the adminstrative board. But overall everyone was happy with everyone. We had a good time. We are also bringing in the real Hotel Rowanda guy to speak, and then showing the movie in a couple of weeks, then we have some disabled comedians coming in a few months. School is going well thus far...I have a really cool Asian studies class, and Criminal Justice is my current favorite. and then there is the world of basetball keeping me sane on the side. yeah for the aggies beating WAC #1 Nevada. gotta love it. we have been nicer fans since our "waste of tithing/honor code is satan's plan" stint againts BYU. well kind of I guess we did chant guilty and were mean to NBA hopeful Paul Millsap from LA Tech, who was charges with aggrevated assault last Oct. Boy did the bother him. lol. well that's all the break I can afford...time to keep applying for nursing Schools. :(

USU Iraq: I really liked this so I posted it.... Aggie greetings from Iraq Soldier's Notebook By: Jared Johnson Issue date: 1/27/06 (The Utah Statesman) Jared Johnson, an Aggie soldier serving in Iraq. Hello Aggies, greetings from Iraq! First of all, let me say you can all sleep better tonight knowing Utah State is well represented here. Along with some other former students and alumni, we're holding down the fort out here some 10,000 miles from home. We've even spruced up our Howitzer (a very large tank-like vehicle) with some Utah State artwork. It just kind of helps bring a little bit of home out here with us. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sergeant Jared Johnson. I am part of Task Force 222 stationed here in Ramadi, Iraq. Ramadi is the capital city of the Al Anbar province and the insurgent stronghold of western Iraq. If you watch the news, I'm sure you've heard of it. A little over a year ago, I was a student there at Utah State, much like yourselves. I went to class, hung out with friends and enjoyed college life just as you probably do. Then, one day I got a phone call telling me to pack my bags and get ready for a trip to the sandbox. I wasn't exactly jumping for joy, but I knew it was my job and I understood the commitment when I joined. Believe me, going from sitting in Phil Swenson's Corporate Finance class to dodging roadside bombs was quite the shocker. Unfortunately, we haven't dodged all of them. All I can say is thank you Uncle Sam for the armored Humvees and ballistic windshields! It is really nice to see well-spent tax dollars actually saving soldiers' lives. My unit is the 2/222 FA battalion out of Southern Utah. The "Triple Deuce" as it is often referred to. It is an artillery unit which utilizes long-range weapon systems to engage enemy targets. Due to the nature of the conflict here in Iraq, there is a limited need for such weapons, which has led us to fulfill other missions. I've done everything from patrolling the highways and walking through villages, to flying a small remote control surveillance plane called a Raven. Our current mission is a counterfire mission. The terrorist and insurgent cells fire rockets and mortars into our base on a regular basis. As soon as they do, we acquire the target and return fire. During our time in Iraq, we have seen some things that I would hope no one would have to see. I have gotten incredibly lucky myself, though I don't credit it to luck alone. Of course you've all see the bad things too, just maybe not as close up. All you have to do is turn on CNN and there it is. I get a chance to see the news too; I know very well what's on there all the time. I hope you will believe me though, when I say, "It's not all bad." Over here, we get to see the Iraqis getting excited about the democratic process. We get to see the volunteerslining up to join the police force. We get to visit with the soldiers of the Iraqi Army, and let me tell you they are some brave souls. We get to see the smiles on the kids' faces when they get a toy from a U.S. soldier, something they've never had before. Regardless of what the media says, there are people who want us here. All I can say is this: Let the politicians squabble over why we're here and when we should leave. While they're squabbling, the soldiers on the ground over here are getting it done. And make no mistake about it, the soldiers know why they are here. In the following weeks of this semester, I hope to give the students of Utah State a perspective on this war. Hopefully I can put it on a level that you can relate to personally. I'm no expert on what's going on here, but I do have a perspective that those at home do not. Some people think their opinion was sent from somewhere up above as a revelation of some greater truth. Personally, I think their opinion is the product of never stepping outside their happy existence to see what the real world is all about. Hopefully, I can give some insight that will help you form your own, more educated opinion about what's really going on over here.

[Comments] (6) We're not gonna take it...: No we're not gonna take it. USU extended a call for all the children of the 80's, all of us with white trash blood in our veins, all who weren't gonna take it anymore to come forth, and get rocked. so we did. The metal gods came and played this weekend, and USU shook it all night long, to our favorite 80's butt rock. Everyone dressed up pretty crazy...we have such a weird culture up here, but we had a great time. If you would have asked me 10 years ago how much I liked the eighties I would have said heck no! but something happens when you are freezing at school, and suddenly it is you favorite thing. Other than that I spent the weekend working, avoiding homework, working on nursing stuff, watching basketball games, and going to bridal faires with my roommate Elise (which was quite the learning experience). Also my friend Varuna Ponnamperuma got baptized which was pretty neat (or awesome, like so awesome...as the cute little Canadian missionaries kept exclaiming). My bishopbric of the past 3 years got released which was pretty weird for me, we were all very close, but our new bishop is awesome, and the first counselor is a Call. Those Call's are everywhere!

[Comments] (1) thank goodness...: my Weber nursing application is now done. :)

[Comments] (1) Diavolo: Yesterday I went to Diavolo, an acrobatic modern dance group from LA. It was an absolutley superb exhibit of the human form. Facinating, and stunning. So if it is playing near any of you and you want to view live art, I would suggest you go. I imagine it is a lot like Cirque De Solei. Anyway back to studying Social Theory. whoo-hoo.

[Comments] (1) it's been awhile: so I have written for sometime...life is crazy with school, basketball, church, more school, and the occasionally work day at the good old nursing home. For all of those aspects of life I have seen the good, the bad, and the just plain ugly. i'm ready to get out of town, spring break can't come soon enough. but heck after my criminal law test tomorrow all I have to do is finish a research proposal and celebrate my birthday with ten thousand of my closest friends! whoohoo!

i'm an aggie...kiss me on the A.: hey ya'll....long time no write. I am leaving in the morning to the WAC basketball tournament in Reno...since I am cutting half a week of school before spring break, I have been busy taking tests early, getting homework done, etc...and that's my life. I turned 23 last week, and got a digital camera (i love it i love it i love it) and Toni and Ladawn got me an extremly nice stethscope which I absolutely love. (i'm a nerd what can I say)...The weather here has been awesome, we get to scrap our cars in flipflops because by noon it is 55 degrees (heck in logan anything over freezing is no coat weather) and I love not wearing real shoes. i have a roommate getting married which is fine, but she has lost all consideration for anything but herself. oh well, should have seen it coming i guess. Anyway travelog when I return. hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!!! and Happy birthday Rachel on the 13th!!!

Thursday...no banging women: Well I am now back from Reno (more affectionatly known as a hell hole, and other such words). The trip was much fun I just absolutley hate the town and the UoN. After a long snowy drive ("You lied to me, you told me we were going to Reno, but we are really going to hell!! And in the hell, we are going to have to watch Andrew Bougut play against Austin Ainge for eternity. I hate you all." --LaDawn) We arrived just in time for our basketball game against San Jose.(Favorite sign at the game: "Do you know the Way to San Jose...because you are heading back!"). After winning that game we were saddened to see that it was only 4:30 p.m. and we still had to entertain ourselves for the rest of the day. So after checking in to our hotel (the Atlantis Casino) we went back to watch the next basketball game. This time we cheered on the red Aggies (New Mexico) and after they won we waited for Reggis Theius their coach (when he saw the group from USU he came to talk to us)...We love Reggis because he is hot. He played Pro and did some calendar modeling in College so earlier in the season we had made "Coaches gone Wild" posters with his picture and bonded with him. He told us he loved us and it was funny because their fans were a bit confused on why he was bonding with the blue aggies. Back to the casino where in my first dollar of nickel slots I won $25.00--time to cash out.

[Comments] (1) Friday...posing a threat: We woke up bright and early firday morning and could still do nothing. We learned something really quick about Reno. Unless you like to smoke, drink, and gamble, you might as well stay at home doing nothing. So we watched more basketball on ESPN, and the went to the Aggie dinner. There we ate with the bundreds of old people who spend their millions of dollars supporting the basketball team. If boggles my mind that you would do this but more power to them I guess. Then we arrived to the game and began to form our student section. Suddenly we were surrounded by security asking us to leave. After much anger and conversation this was the conclusion. We as Utah State fans were not allowed to assemble together in a student section and had to sit in our assigned seats. Why? Becasue we are too loud and pose to much of a threat to the other teams. Thus they decided to open the student section to the Nevada season ticket holders who may want to arrive early to the Nevada game (after ours). Feeling proud that we were representing the best of Utah State fans we assembled ourselves where some boise fans had sat (they lost and went home) knowing no one would sit there. More security, more angry words, more lame explanations. We then officially got the warning that if they saw any of us in the lower bowl again we would be banned from the events center. So we moved across the arena to a section at the botom of the upper bowl and cheered from there. Posing to much of a threat...we were compared by ESPN to Duke's crazies earlier in the year but that was just rediculous. We won against LA Tech, watched the Red Aggies barely lose to Nevada (yeah for them punching Fazekius). and went back to hang out at our Hotel. Then we reviewed our list of goals: 1. Talk to Reggis, 2. LaDawn had to hit on Hot Tyler (a hot, yetwashed out aggie fan who needed to get a life), 3. Become David Pak's family in whichever way possible, 4. find the ugliest souvenier possible. yeah so we had accomplished 1 goal. We needed to get on that.

[Comments] (2) Saturday...Neuter Alphie: It was finally saturday and time for the Championship game. We were getting ready when I got a phone call from Pak. He wanted me to have his seats because he knew they were better than ours and was afraid they wouldn't give us a student section again (although Nevada got one). We gladly took the seats and accomplished another goal (becoming David's family). David is our point guard from Orange, Cali. and a very good friend of mine. He is very hot, and I would trust him with my life. He also is a registered sex offender who spent 8 years in some mean youth correctional facilities for aggravated rape when he was 16. Prison is actually where he learned to play ball (and he does play some very ghetto prison ball). But while there he recognized the direction his life was heading did a 180 and changed it completely. WE were happy to take his family tickets (they couldn't get there) and watch the game with the players parents. That was one of the best games I have ever witnessed and if the refs had called a 5th foul on Fazekius (we like to call him something else) then we would have secured a win in the last minute. But instead we went into overtime and barely lost the championship title. It was really sad, but such is life in basketball. We spent the rest of the night at the nugget casino with the boys and had a good time, accomplishing all of our goals. Driving home on sunday was by far the best part of the trip when we heard we made it into the NCAA anyway. Now I am home in Salt Lake happy to walk into buildings where you can't smoke and doing a whole lot of nothing. i like it.

[Comments] (4) Hi...we just stopped by to arrest you.: So in Logan they are doing a sweep to arrest/collect fines from everyone with an outstanding Warrant for their arrest. It is actually quite sucessful, but the funny part is that if they come to your house and you are not home they put the following door-hanger on your door that says something like this: "Hi___________. We just stopped by your house to arrest you, but you were not home. You have an outstanding warrant for your arrest because of _____________. If you would like to take care of this and clear your name please contact the Logan police department. If the person living here is not the above mentioned person please contact the Logan Police department. Thanks, and have a nice day!" We laughed really hard about that one. yahoo, for the crazy week being over. Here are 5 things I learned: 1. The racial ideaologies behind the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor, and us bombing Hiroshima were very extreme. These are things you don't really hear too much about in your U.S. History Class. 2. The basketball gods must be crazy, but I am totally okay with that. 3. I am not supposed to live in a perfect house, for no apparent reason. I just know that i am not supposed to live there. 4. there are many scandals going on right now amongst my friends. 5. oral sex does not cause STD's. How did I learn this you ask? Why in the newspaper of course. We read quite the funny "Ask Dr. Gott" column in the paper, where a reader asked him if venereal diseases originated from such "unnatural behavior". It was very humourous to us.

[Comments] (3) for better or worse: Three bad things that happened so far this week: 1. It is still raining. 2. I didn't get into Weber's nursing program. 3. I failed my criminal law test today. Three good things that have happened this week: 1. David got a puppy, and I now get pet therapy :) 2. I haven't been arrested or had a door hanger put on my door yet. 3. My thursday and friday classes have been cancelled. 4 day weekend!!! In other news and humor at work I had to pull 2 90+ year old women off of each other during a cat-fight (if you were a nasty girl growing up, I guess it just sticks with you.) and I had a female resident whose chest hung so low she tucks them into her pants. I about died in laughter.

april showers: well the month started out as a joke...first becasue it was april fools day, and second because it snowed all day april fools day...nice one. haha. but lucky for us the past few days have been beautiful. Tonight I went to the show Blast which is pretty much like marching band geeks gone wild, and one of the more awesome performances I have been to this year. If it comes near you I would recommend seeing it. These people are way to multi-talented though. It is unfair that some people get to dance, sing, do color guard, have perfect rhythm as they play many different percussion instruments, AND can play every horn ever invented. Although I don't want to learn color guard stuff. it was a heck of a lot more entertaining then the symphony last week. Usually I don't mind the symphony but that night it was killing me softly. can't complain though this art symposium class I am in is an easy, and entertaining credit, and I am glad that so many cool events to come to small little Logan.

[Comments] (2) race against time: well today I did a 5K...Jill run a 5K??? Heck no. I walked it. I hate running, but the important thing is, is that I did it. It was for Organ Donation. My opinion on organ donation is this...TAKE IT. What will I need it for. At my mother's request there will be no face transplanting, and at my request I will not allow my liver to be donated to someone who destroyed theirs with drugs and alcohol. no way, you lost your chance when you made your choice. Anyway at the end of the race there was a raffle and I won the grand prize. I never win anything, ever so I was really suprised. I won a $50.00 gift certificate to Hamilton's resturant. Hamilton's is an extremely good balck-tie resturant up here, and I was quite happy with the prize. so I made money walking for organ donation...can't complain about my day!

[Comments] (4) pictures: hey all...looking at Kristen's picture reminded me that I have pictures, so if any of you are ever interested in seeing these people and events I talk about you can check out my stuff..... first of all MySpace: www.myspace.com/jillybeanw. yes I know the dangers of myspace...i'm careful. the other is my facebook, but you will have to add me to see me. anyway just if your interested, check it out!

[Comments] (2) "Few can foresee whither their road will lead them, till they come to its end.": I've been thinking about what I have learned in college. I graduate from USU in 5 days, and am reflecting on the past 5 years at this fantastic institution. Here is a list of some things I have learned... 1. Everything happens for a reason. 2. Affect positive change--everything you do makes some sort of difference. 3. Don't assume anything--you are probably wrong. 4. We are free to choose. 5. Everyone has something to offer, it just takes some effort to see what it is, but it is worth finding out. 6. The interactions people have with one another can dramatically affect their lives for good or bad. 7. All you need is love. 8. I love the "spot where the sagebrush grows." 9. Everyone has something in common that can bring them together....like aggie basketball!! 10. I've learned how to predict, explain, and describe 11. History repeats itself. 12. The human body is fragile and absolutely magnificent. 13. Hate is a powerful force of destructions that has destroyed generations, and mutates everything it comes in contact with. 14. I may appear productive, but I do things as quick as possible to be lazy longer. 15. Groups of people working for the same cause, influence the world. 16. I love 80's rock 17. Addiction is a powerful tool of destruction. 18. You can still have fun when it has been -20 degrees for 2 weeks...it just takes some effort. p.s. the title quote is by JRR Tolkien

as the world turns: sometimes life seems like a soap opera rather than a reality show. But I guess both of the above are fake so I don't know how you would really classify real life if my life were on TV. Why do I bring this up? I have no idea. Graduated 2 days ago. Crazy, totally informal and would USU do it any other way? I don't think so. My favorite is how at least one speaker and dozens of other people actually said..."way to git 'er done!" Wow welcome to Logan. Now I am heading to Cali for my aunt's funeral (she would put the git 'er done people in grammer hell) and then to St. George, vegas, provo, and logan for a plethera of weddings. badly enough it is 4 weddings and a funeral. too bad I hate that movie.

hmmmm: I love my family, and I love California.

[Comments] (1) summer is hot.: It is so hot. ok so maybe not by some of your standards, but for Logan to be 80-90's in May, there is a problem. I'm settling in for working full time this summer...not particularly excited. So far my summer has consisted as the following: Graduation-->California for my Aunt Frances funeral-->SLC-->St. George for Elise's wedding-->Orem for Matt and Kari's wedding-->Provo to play with Dirty Dave-->Logan. This was a very crazy emotional time that took place in a 6 day period. But every second of the craziness was absolutely worth it as I got to play with family and friends.

sing for me: As a tradition I went with Sarah, Jared, Dustin, Brad, Dan, Jessi, danny, Jilaine and Ryk to sing phantom of the opera and other random broadway/Frank Sinatra hits. We have been doing this randomly for years. I don't really sing, but sit and enjoy Jared's booming "sing to me angel...SING FOR ME!!" and Brad get giddy while we sing his favorite song Prima Donna. This time we went to sing as part of Danny's bachelor party, because he is getting married as I write this--nice bachelor party...a bunch of people singing in a church :) We could sing and play all night long.

I love to play...: I love to play M.A.S.H. This game has, in the past, entertained me and my friends for hours.

[Comments] (3) let's go to the movies...: It is finally summer. Lots of good things happen in summer. BBQ's, fireworks, camping, long days filled with friends, free time, and fun. One of my favorite parts of summer though is all the new "dork movies" that come out. "dork movies" are defined as any movie where people will dress-up and stand in line for hours to see it opening weekend. my first dork movie of the summer was XMEN 3: The Last Stand. it was very enjoyable. Unexpected, but I really liked it. Upcoming dork movies I am excited for: Superman, Pirates of the Carribean 2, and eventually spiderman 3. yeah for summer, yeah for movies that keep you inside when it is finally nice enough to go outside. lol

work and play: life in 4 words... movies, work, sleep, eat..my life occurs in that order, in a repeating cycle. Ok so it isn't totally that lame. I caught up on scrapbooking, did some family history, and actually went out to one of the movies I have seen this week. There is a old-school theater in downtown Logan (yes, there is a downtown) and it is Alfred Hitchcock month. Michael Ballum, the crazy opera man, bought it and shows old movies with a cartoon every weekend. This weekend was Vertigo, and the upcoming weekend is the Birds...which is one of my favorites.

[Comments] (3) trauma junkie: I have been offered a job as a 911 dispatcher. I will make significantly less that I do now, but it is only a part time position so I could still work as a CNA. I am getting burned out as a CNA, so this could be an interesting change. It would still be a graveyard shift so I am still stuck being up all night. I guess when I go in for my second interview I will see what happens.

[Comments] (1) Black Jake strikes again...: I am trying to decide how much I believe in ghosts. well I guess you would call it a ghost. At the hursing home we have the legendary "Black Jake". Jake, is a black man who appears to our residents during a time of death. For example (I have heard and seen this many times) Some one will pass away of the south end of the building, and I will have completely competent, and immcompetent residents on the north side call, me in the room and complain that, "the big black man has been bothering me again, or "I was talking to that black man, and I told him to go away and leave me alone" and then later we find out someone died. These types of things have occured dozens of times over the almost 4 years I have worked there. it is quite fascinating. honestly I have a lot of patients who hallucinate occastionally, plus a whole hall of alzheimers, but to have different people seeing the same person, over time, is very odd. Besides black Jake, we have the call light phenomenon. 90% of the time after someone passes away, the call light in their room with spontaneously go off for at least a day or two after. it is so extremely random, but kind of freaks you out at night when there are only 6 employees, and you know where they all physically are, and no one pulled the light. I guess if anything it keeps us entertained as we get to warn the new employees about these odd occurrences. The reason I bring it up is we are on a new cycle of 3. People really do go in threes and we have a couple on their way. Poor sick old people, I hope they rest in peace.

Hello? Hello...: funny moment at work. one of my favorite resident's Z, is a squishy, funny, Alzeheimer's resident who sleeps and wanders around constantly. one of the only this that comes out of her mouth is, "I love you, let me kiss you." as she grabs you, hugs you, and kisses your cheek. So last night she was in a particularly crazy mood and she wondered over to Marsha, picked up her hand, put it to her ear, and said, "Hello? Heelllloooo." Marsha said that nobody was there and she said, "okay, goodbye" put Marsha's hand back down, and said, "Click. guess noboby was home. I love you." we laughed and laughed.

[Comments] (2) new business venture...: I was at a work lunch with my friend's Matt and LaDawn and we came up with a money making scheme. In Utah an engagement ring is considered, by law, a gift. Thus if you break off an engagement the girl doesn't have to return the ring to the boy, and there is nothing the boy can do about it. Matt stated this as the plan, "all we need to do is find some dishonest women at BYU. They can get meet a boy, get engaged a week later, and then break it off. Then we sell the diamond, and split the money." sounds like a plan to me :)

: funny new quote I heard from a friend... " Mormons don't have to get drunk to do crazy things. We just do them and accept that we are crazy." --Rules of Engagement

[Comments] (4) caring is the essence of nursing...: "Ten Reasons To Become a Nurse" 10. Pays better than McDonald´s (though the hours aren´t as good.) 9. Fashionable shoes and sexy nurses uniforms. 8. Needles: ´tis better to give than to receive. 7. Confidence in reassuring patients that all bleeding stops ... eventually. 6. Opportunity to expose yourself to rare, exotic, and exciting new diseases. 5. Interesting aromas. 4. Courteous and infallible doctors who always leave clear orders in perfectly clear handwriting. 2. Celebration of holidays with all your friends ... at work. 1. Comfort in the knowledge that most of your patients survive no matter what you do to them. In case you haven' t guessed I got into Nursing school today. It is here in Logan at The tech school, Bridgerland Applied Technology Center. I am way excited, and it is one of the better programs in the state. I start school August 2nd. yikes !! I am so excited.

more nursing quotes...: Some funny things I've been told since getting into nursing school... "oh yea! you got your welcome to Hell letter!" and a random list of... "You Might Be a Nurse If..." *You can drink a pot of coffee and still go to sleep in the morning. *You believe every patient needs TLC: Thorazine, Lorazapam, and Compazine. *Your sense of humor seems to get more warped each year. *You think it is acceptable to use "penis" and "vagina" in a normal conversation. *You hope there´s a special place in Hell for the inventor of the call light. *You believe experience is something you don´t get until just after you need it. *You see stress as a normal way of life. *You know the phone numbers of every late night food delivery place in town by heart. *You believe the problem with the gene pool is that there is no lifeguard. *You´ve ever been telling work stories in a restaurant and had someone at another table throw-up. *You write a patient report and have to translate it to medical records because of all the acronyms in it. *You notice that you use more four-letter words now than before you became a nurse. *You look in your closet and can´t find anything non-medical to wear. *You´ve ever told anyone in pain to "stop being a baby and deal with it." *You don´t get excited about blood loss unless it´s your own. *You believe the pain will go away when it stops hurting. *Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong and if nothing has gone wrong, you´ve obviously don´t understand the situation. *When you get a call telling you the name of your next admit and you can do the care plan before the patient gets to the floor. *When called for orders, the MD says, "Write them yourself; you know the patient better than I do." *You´ve ever had to contend with someone who thinks constipation for 4 hours is an emergency. *Ever rolled your eyes when the 14 year-old says, "No, I´ve never had sex." *You refer to motorcycles as donor cycles. *You´ve ever held a 14-gauge needle over someone´s vein and said, "Now your going to feel a little stick." *You´ve ever had a patient with a nose ring, a brow ring and twelve earrings say, "I´m afraid of shots." *You´ve ever thought, "As long as he´s got a pulse, I don´t care about the rhythm." *You think the ultimate cruel joke is get someone drunk, take them to the ER and tell them he OD´d on "some kind of pills." *You automatically multiply by three the number of drinks a patient claims to have daily. *You don´t believe 90% of what you´re told, and 75% of what you see. *You believe a book entitled "Suicide: Getting it Right the First Time" will be your next project. *You have ever had a patient say, "I´m not pregnant, I can´t be pregnant! I can´t be having a baby!"

the fourth of july: I love Independence Day...it is my most favorite day of the year. I love America and the the ideals it represents. I also love fireworks...a lot, they are pretty much my favorite thing. These are some of my favorite quotes that represent what being an American means to me... "Patriotism is easy to understand in America - it means looking out for yourself by looking out for your country." ~Calvin Coolidge. "From the prodigious hilltops of New Hampshire, let freedom ring. From the mighty mountains of New York, let freedom ring. From the heightening Alleghenies of Pennsylvania, let freedom ring ... Let freedom ring from every hill and molehill." - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. "Four freedoms: The first is freedom of speech and expression - everywhere in the world. The second is freedom of everyone to worship God in his own way, everywhere in the world. The third is freedom from want . . . everywhere in the world. The fourth is freedom from fear . . . anywhere in the world." -Franklin D. Roosevelt "Our country is not the only thing to which we owe our allegiance. It is also owed to justice and to humanity. Patriotism consists not in waving the flag, but in striving that our country shall be righteous as well as strong." ~James Bryce................................... God Bless America

[Comments] (2) yo ho yo ho: I love pirates. the movie was great and terrible. I love pirates :)

[Comments] (3) new york city haunts my dreams.: leaving for new york on monday...taking a stop from packing. actually i need to pack but i am obsessivly reading half blood prince instead. glad i have my priorities straight. glad I can't type with capitals either. :) i need more sleep.

: finally got back from NYC....say finally not in the context that I didn't enjoy the trip, but in the fact that we sat in the airport for 10 hours on delay, then had to spend the next day in Denver before being able to catch a plane home. New york was amazing though!!! My friends and I had so very much fun, and I will give a travelog when I get a chance. thank you Sumana and Leonard for being great hosts on thursday!

i need sleep: second day of nursing school tomorrow. worked a graveyard last night. now I can't sleep.

2 favorite things you should never say to Lord Voldemort:

1. Mugglesaywhat?

2. Darth Vader would kick your trash...he killed lots of little kids.

[Comments] (1) So there I was...: So there is a guy playing the bagpipes outside. it's pretty cool.

Why am I not studying for my Pharmacology test tomorrow?!?!?

yeah i'm not ready to be in school yet.

yada yada yada: still doing to much school stuff ot function. i'll drop a line soon.

: I have just learned that in 2008 the Youthlinc group (the one I went to Africa with) is doing a trip to Thiland, with the Dr. from SLC that lost her daughter in the Tsunami. I will have just graduated with my RN then. Maybe I will go as a nurse.

la de da: Instead of studying for my midterms, I'm going to write a little update. To day in between General Conference I was on TV. KBYU wrote a documentary called "Sisterz in Zion" about a group of girls from NYC who came to BYU for EFY in 2003. I had one of the girls in my group, and I was interviewed for the documentary. just as an explanation for why i looked so tired... It was my last day of my last week of 6 weeks of EFY.

Other than that school is going well. I was nominated and elected with an embarrassing 93% to be our class president. It is a little stressful, but I think it will be fun overall. I mediate between student to student problems, give ideas for student to teacher problems, plan parties, and plan graduation. I am picking a co president so it won't be so much to do.

I only have 1 new roommate and she is a lot of fun. work is generally good. I need more money and I need less working hours so if any has a suggestion on how to work that out without switching jobs, let me know. :)

[Comments] (1) random dream: Reading Joe's blog about his weird school related dream reminded me of my weirdo dream I had last night. Something was going on in the house, and when I went out side it was the LA riots outside. But here is the weirdest part. As we were watching the riot I said to my friend that this must be the LA riots (of '89 ??). Although I was saying it and I subconciously noticed that the images in my head were of the Tinanemen Square Massacre. How freaking weird is that...the question is why am I dreaming about riots that happened years ago? My sociology brain won't go to bed, and let my nursing brain take over. I guess dreaming of riots is better than dreaming of germs and giving enemas. lol

[Comments] (2) extreme home makeover: so this one time I met Preston from Extreme Home Makeover, because they are building a house down the street from my apartment. It looks awesome! now if I could just find Ty...

[Comments] (1) the adventure: ah, finally a real update.

once upon a time I was a busy nursing student who works too much, but not enough to make any money.

For Halloween I was the girl attacked by birds in Alfred Hitchcock's movie "the Birds," and that entertained me greatly. The local Instacare clinic had wound temporary tatoos, that played as great special effects, and I had a bird on my head, and of course lots of blood. Attended USU's the Howl (biggest halloween party in Utah, and incidently is now against BYU's honor code to attend). Best costumes of the night: Rufio, A group of Sperm, a tampon, and unicorns.

School is going alright. I am hoping to attend a conference on Forensic nursing later this month. Forensics is gross but extrememly fascinating. We are finally learning more of the scientific aspects of Nursing, and my grades are improving. I think my favorite part of school is the clinical rotations at different places. We get to orient to the hospitals this week, and I am nervous but excited to stop being a pill pusher for old people.

Logan is good, it is finally getting cold which is weird for us. It has only snowed less then a quarter of an inch, and that only lasted about 30 minutes. but no complants here, i am ok with winter backing off for awhile.

I finally finished listening to the Book on CD version of HP #6. I figure we know everything Harry knows and wanted to listen to the book and concentrate on it better then when I read it. I actually contribute part of my doing better in school to listening to the book because it clears my head and I don't have music blaring in my head all the time.

kind of a lame update, but at least it is an update :)

[Comments] (3) reflections: you know I don't like to think that I think about death a lot but I do. I mean I am in the medical field, and I work at a nursing home so it happens constantly but I think I have been to more then my share of funerals. The reason I bring up the subject now is because earlier today my mom asked me if I ever got really attatched to the people I work with, and if it is hard for me to let them go. Then I got asked about my philosophy on life and death today as well. My philosphy on death is that they are going to a better place, and to get over it. I am a bit more blunt about it then most, because I have learned to emotionally detatch myself from death and dying, but then just a few minutes ago I learned about a tragedy.

My dear friend David Haws, whom was one of my best friends in High school is dying of an extrememly rare disease (see story: http://www.ksl.com/?nid=148&sid=611648). Not even Dr's at the Mayo clinic can figure it out. Basically he is drying up from the inside out. Now I am sad. I am unable to detatch myself from this, and I am disturbed by that. Maybe it is because he is younger then most people I know that die. Maybe becuase death has benn occuring in my life at an alarmingly increasing rate.

In the past 2 years, Kris's mom, Melea, Grandma Mary, Aunt Francis, Uncle Dorse, and now my friend David will have died(not to mention 20 or so patients). While I still maintain the are going to a better place, I am realizing that you can't just get over it. You can't just get over depression, anxieties, fears, sadness, or anything like that. It is like telling your self to just "get over a heart attack." Life doesn't work that way. I guess I need to just maintain good coping skills to deal with death more effectivly then I am today. God Bless you David Haws. I hope you die more peacefully then most.

[Comments] (3) 525,600 minutes: "525,600 minutes...how do you measure, measure a year....measure in love...seasons of love" (RENT-Seasons of Love)

How do you measure a year? How can I measure the past year, 2006? I can't believe a year went by so fast. At the Christmas season (and because school is finally out and I can breathe a little) I have taken some time to reflect of everything that has happened, good and bad, since 2005. I'm going to take the month by month approach to help me remember, and to share (this is now my cheesy Christmas letter) what as happened in the year 2006, in the life of me, Jill.

January---just starting my last semester as an Aggie. All sociology classes with me roommate Elise. i am excited, becasue I love sociology, and have made some fantastic new friends in the program. Varunna was baptized. I'm secretary of the ASUSU Diversity committee, and we just had a wild diversity week, and of course i went to some 80's rock concerts.

February--- more school. My life at this point is filled with Aggie basketball, hockey, and balancing school and work. I am a relief society teacher, and tired of the cold. I'm starting to burn out with school, applied to nursing schools, and am attending a lot of art events for my Art symposium class, they are awesome!!!

March--- Celebrated my birthday with 10,000 of my closets friends at the USU vs. Fresno bb game. It's weird to be 23 years old, but I have always liked the number so maybe it will turn out to be a good thing. Spring break was the WAC tournament in Reno (a.k.a. HELL). I'm still suprides we didn't get a ticket for public intoxication (although we never partook of alcohol). But as the quote goes: "Having fun all day long took a lot of effort, but together we sccomplished it." And boy did we accomplish some crazy things.

April---made up of true aggie nights, Finals, A lot of endings (Diveristy committee, basketball, my career of a USU student) and of course snow for April fools day. I WALKED a 5 K (me run, haha, no.) and won $50 to hamiltons, and thats about it.

May--- Graduation. I finally have a degree from the fabulous Utah State University. A real Bachelors of Science in Sociology, with an emphasis in Criminal Law area studies. it's fantastic. Then my dear Aunt Francis passed away, a victim of the AIDS epidemic. It was sad to see her spunky way of life end. It was good to see all of the family. My roommate Elise got married, and Matt and Kari also were married. The rest of the month was spent settling in to my first summer in Logan.

June--- basically all I do is work the noc shift, play with the neighbors, watch strange movies all night long with Ben, and try to keep some sanity in the summer heat. oh yeah, I got accepted to BATC's Nursing school :)

July--- 3 of my favorite things. First the fourth of july. second my amazing trip to NYC, with Camille, Toni, and LaDawn. and third Jeff and I spending the afternoon documenting the more interesting things that occur at Liberty park on Pioneer day. lol.

August--- Started nursing school on the 1st. too busy to do anything. Summer was WAY to SHORT.

September---yeah so pretty much more school, and work. It is getting hard to balance a lot of things in life, but TV thursdays are my sanity. I haven't had time to even make new friends, and it's werid not being at USU.

October---Voted in as class president at school. funny. appeared in a Documentary called, "Sisterz in Zion" about NYC kids at EFY. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition as bombarded Logan just down the street from my house. It is pretty cool to watch. Halloween and the "Highway to HOWL" was fun as usual, Laura came and spent the weekend.

November--- attended a Forensic nursing conference that got me thinking about a way to cross my sociology degree, and my future nursing degree. Found out my old friend David Haws was dying. Brought me to remember what is really important in life. Merilee came into town with her baby Alex. I spent time with Merilee, Audrey, Nicole, Dave, and Kris. good to have the old group back together. school is still crazy, but the semester is almost over.

December--- Clincals, clinicals, clinicals, clinicals. I love them, but glad for the month break i'm about to begin. Survived my first semester of nursing school. Glad it's Aggie BB season again. Found out we as aggie fans, "exercise reasonable taste in heckling" (SLTrib), which is a laugh. Got unbelievably sick, and landed myself as a patient in the ER. and am now preparing for the Christmas season.

So how do you measure a year? Jonathan Larson was right. Just measure in love, seasons of love.

Happy holidays to everyone, and spread the love :)


: i was flipping through the channels and came upon the Christian ("donate a dollar and your sins will be forgiven) network, and there was a man who was sitting in front of a barn, who held up a banana and said, "Behold, the athesists nightmare...the banana." how freaking random is that. he went on to also explain that the banana disproves Darwin's theory of evolution. I was laughing to hard to listen and try and comprehend his point.



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