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[No comments] i'm an aggie...kiss me on the A.: hey ya'll....long time no write. I am leaving in the morning to the WAC basketball tournament in Reno...since I am cutting half a week of school before spring break, I have been busy taking tests early, getting homework done, etc...and that's my life. I turned 23 last week, and got a digital camera (i love it i love it i love it) and Toni and Ladawn got me an extremly nice stethscope which I absolutely love. (i'm a nerd what can I say)...The weather here has been awesome, we get to scrap our cars in flipflops because by noon it is 55 degrees (heck in logan anything over freezing is no coat weather) and I love not wearing real shoes. i have a roommate getting married which is fine, but she has lost all consideration for anything but herself. oh well, should have seen it coming i guess. Anyway travelog when I return. hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!!! and Happy birthday Rachel on the 13th!!!

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