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[No comments] Thursday...no banging women: Well I am now back from Reno (more affectionatly known as a hell hole, and other such words). The trip was much fun I just absolutley hate the town and the UoN. After a long snowy drive ("You lied to me, you told me we were going to Reno, but we are really going to hell!! And in the hell, we are going to have to watch Andrew Bougut play against Austin Ainge for eternity. I hate you all." --LaDawn) We arrived just in time for our basketball game against San Jose.(Favorite sign at the game: "Do you know the Way to San Jose...because you are heading back!"). After winning that game we were saddened to see that it was only 4:30 p.m. and we still had to entertain ourselves for the rest of the day. So after checking in to our hotel (the Atlantis Casino) we went back to watch the next basketball game. This time we cheered on the red Aggies (New Mexico) and after they won we waited for Reggis Theius their coach (when he saw the group from USU he came to talk to us)...We love Reggis because he is hot. He played Pro and did some calendar modeling in College so earlier in the season we had made "Coaches gone Wild" posters with his picture and bonded with him. He told us he loved us and it was funny because their fans were a bit confused on why he was bonding with the blue aggies. Back to the casino where in my first dollar of nickel slots I won $25.00--time to cash out.

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