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[Comments] (1) Friday...posing a threat: We woke up bright and early firday morning and could still do nothing. We learned something really quick about Reno. Unless you like to smoke, drink, and gamble, you might as well stay at home doing nothing. So we watched more basketball on ESPN, and the went to the Aggie dinner. There we ate with the bundreds of old people who spend their millions of dollars supporting the basketball team. If boggles my mind that you would do this but more power to them I guess. Then we arrived to the game and began to form our student section. Suddenly we were surrounded by security asking us to leave. After much anger and conversation this was the conclusion. We as Utah State fans were not allowed to assemble together in a student section and had to sit in our assigned seats. Why? Becasue we are too loud and pose to much of a threat to the other teams. Thus they decided to open the student section to the Nevada season ticket holders who may want to arrive early to the Nevada game (after ours). Feeling proud that we were representing the best of Utah State fans we assembled ourselves where some boise fans had sat (they lost and went home) knowing no one would sit there. More security, more angry words, more lame explanations. We then officially got the warning that if they saw any of us in the lower bowl again we would be banned from the events center. So we moved across the arena to a section at the botom of the upper bowl and cheered from there. Posing to much of a threat...we were compared by ESPN to Duke's crazies earlier in the year but that was just rediculous. We won against LA Tech, watched the Red Aggies barely lose to Nevada (yeah for them punching Fazekius). and went back to hang out at our Hotel. Then we reviewed our list of goals: 1. Talk to Reggis, 2. LaDawn had to hit on Hot Tyler (a hot, yetwashed out aggie fan who needed to get a life), 3. Become David Pak's family in whichever way possible, 4. find the ugliest souvenier possible. yeah so we had accomplished 1 goal. We needed to get on that.


Posted by mish mish mish mish mish at Sat Mar 18 2006 18:32

Wow, that sounds like a lot of work to watch a game. Why they gotta be so mean to the Utah fans?! Why, why?! (: I'm glad you had a good trip though, and even made some money!!

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