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[Comments] (4) Hi...we just stopped by to arrest you.: So in Logan they are doing a sweep to arrest/collect fines from everyone with an outstanding Warrant for their arrest. It is actually quite sucessful, but the funny part is that if they come to your house and you are not home they put the following door-hanger on your door that says something like this: "Hi___________. We just stopped by your house to arrest you, but you were not home. You have an outstanding warrant for your arrest because of _____________. If you would like to take care of this and clear your name please contact the Logan police department. If the person living here is not the above mentioned person please contact the Logan Police department. Thanks, and have a nice day!" We laughed really hard about that one. yahoo, for the crazy week being over. Here are 5 things I learned: 1. The racial ideaologies behind the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor, and us bombing Hiroshima were very extreme. These are things you don't really hear too much about in your U.S. History Class. 2. The basketball gods must be crazy, but I am totally okay with that. 3. I am not supposed to live in a perfect house, for no apparent reason. I just know that i am not supposed to live there. 4. there are many scandals going on right now amongst my friends. 5. oral sex does not cause STD's. How did I learn this you ask? Why in the newspaper of course. We read quite the funny "Ask Dr. Gott" column in the paper, where a reader asked him if venereal diseases originated from such "unnatural behavior". It was very humourous to us.


Posted by Rachel at Fri Mar 24 2006 19:30

so... how do you know what happens when they try to arrest you & you are not home? hmmmm?

Posted by jill at Fri Mar 24 2006 23:11

I hope not cause they are working on Intoxication tickets this week :) but i guess if I was ever going to get intoxicated I would do it to the point of not remembering the next day...

Posted by Sumana at Sat Mar 25 2006 07:43

That "take care of your warrant" door hanger is HILARIOUS.

In case anyone who doesn't know is reading this: no, oral sex doesn't cause STDs, because diseases come from germs, not spontaneous generation. But it is certainly possible to transmit STIs through any body fluid exchange.


But the letter writer probably thought that sexual behavior s/he considers deviant just generates STDs!

BTW, on intoxication: if one gets intoxicated, the next day one does remember having been intoxicated. I've never been so intoxicated that I blacked out on specific actions and memories of the period, but that could happen.

Posted by jill at Sat Mar 25 2006 09:41

This is true....hangovers are quite the reminder, i suppose. :) Yeah, Dr. Gott went on to explain that there is no way to monogamous people who have never had sex with anyone but each other could suddenly get an STD. Then he went on to highly recommened and endorse oral sex. it was really funny and I'm sure whomever wrote the letter is not very happy at the moment.

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