No Day But Today for 2006 May 18 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (1) summer is hot.: It is so hot. ok so maybe not by some of your standards, but for Logan to be 80-90's in May, there is a problem. I'm settling in for working full time this summer...not particularly excited. So far my summer has consisted as the following: Graduation-->California for my Aunt Frances funeral-->SLC-->St. George for Elise's wedding-->Orem for Matt and Kari's wedding-->Provo to play with Dirty Dave-->Logan. This was a very crazy emotional time that took place in a 6 day period. But every second of the craziness was absolutely worth it as I got to play with family and friends.


Posted by Alyson at Fri May 26 2006 19:13

Yay for family and friends! It was good to see you.

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