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[Comments] (3) trauma junkie: I have been offered a job as a 911 dispatcher. I will make significantly less that I do now, but it is only a part time position so I could still work as a CNA. I am getting burned out as a CNA, so this could be an interesting change. It would still be a graveyard shift so I am still stuck being up all night. I guess when I go in for my second interview I will see what happens.


Posted by Sumana at Fri Jun 16 2006 08:38

Wow. Jill, if you get and accept that job, I'd love it if you'd post stories! 911 dispatcher is one of the jobs I've always been curious about trying.

Posted by Alyson at Sun Jun 18 2006 18:55

I've been curious about becoming an RN. Hmmmmm. But the 911 dispacher would be supremely interesting.

Posted by Jill at Mon Jun 19 2006 15:09

Well we are still trying to figure out if I can take the job, and keep my current job. Also if I get into Nursing school, I will no longer be a USU student, which can affect my hiring status, because you need to be a USU student. ah, how I am tired of life altering decisions.

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