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[Comments] (1) Black Jake strikes again...: I am trying to decide how much I believe in ghosts. well I guess you would call it a ghost. At the hursing home we have the legendary "Black Jake". Jake, is a black man who appears to our residents during a time of death. For example (I have heard and seen this many times) Some one will pass away of the south end of the building, and I will have completely competent, and immcompetent residents on the north side call, me in the room and complain that, "the big black man has been bothering me again, or "I was talking to that black man, and I told him to go away and leave me alone" and then later we find out someone died. These types of things have occured dozens of times over the almost 4 years I have worked there. it is quite fascinating. honestly I have a lot of patients who hallucinate occastionally, plus a whole hall of alzheimers, but to have different people seeing the same person, over time, is very odd. Besides black Jake, we have the call light phenomenon. 90% of the time after someone passes away, the call light in their room with spontaneously go off for at least a day or two after. it is so extremely random, but kind of freaks you out at night when there are only 6 employees, and you know where they all physically are, and no one pulled the light. I guess if anything it keeps us entertained as we get to warn the new employees about these odd occurrences. The reason I bring it up is we are on a new cycle of 3. People really do go in threes and we have a couple on their way. Poor sick old people, I hope they rest in peace.


Posted by Alyson at Wed Jun 21 2006 15:40

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