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[Comments] (3) new york city haunts my dreams.: leaving for new york on monday...taking a stop from packing. actually i need to pack but i am obsessivly reading half blood prince instead. glad i have my priorities straight. glad I can't type with capitals either. :) i need more sleep.


Posted by camilla at Tue Jul 18 2006 00:51

gotta finish book before i leave for new york . . . no time to pack . . . book . . . harry potter . . .

I remember a day when you said you would never read Harry Potter.

Posted by jill at Wed Jul 19 2006 21:46

sad and true....i remember a day when dad and mom tried to convince us hp was evil...haha

who loves it now

Posted by camilla at Mon Jul 24 2006 10:05

I can't say I remember that particular incident. Maybe I do. Was it during FHE? And did Dad launch into a pro-LOTR tirade? And did we try to dutifully explain to him the vast number of similarities between the two series? And he refused to listen? Because that sounds plausible. At any rate, I try to forget the more illogical things they've told me, like when they kept insisting that I was in charge of my own emotions and I couldn't blame others for "making me" feel a certain way, and then like a year later they kept getting all mad at me for being depressed and influencing everyone else negatively. I called them on their incongruency but they simply denied that the first incident had ever happened.

At any rate, I doubt getting mad at one's child for being depressed is any kind of good.

Okay, and now it's just terribly obvious that I've only mamaged to get about 1.5 hours of sleep . . .

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