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[Comments] (3) 525,600 minutes: "525,600 minutes...how do you measure, measure a year....measure in love...seasons of love" (RENT-Seasons of Love)

How do you measure a year? How can I measure the past year, 2006? I can't believe a year went by so fast. At the Christmas season (and because school is finally out and I can breathe a little) I have taken some time to reflect of everything that has happened, good and bad, since 2005. I'm going to take the month by month approach to help me remember, and to share (this is now my cheesy Christmas letter) what as happened in the year 2006, in the life of me, Jill.

January---just starting my last semester as an Aggie. All sociology classes with me roommate Elise. i am excited, becasue I love sociology, and have made some fantastic new friends in the program. Varunna was baptized. I'm secretary of the ASUSU Diversity committee, and we just had a wild diversity week, and of course i went to some 80's rock concerts.

February--- more school. My life at this point is filled with Aggie basketball, hockey, and balancing school and work. I am a relief society teacher, and tired of the cold. I'm starting to burn out with school, applied to nursing schools, and am attending a lot of art events for my Art symposium class, they are awesome!!!

March--- Celebrated my birthday with 10,000 of my closets friends at the USU vs. Fresno bb game. It's weird to be 23 years old, but I have always liked the number so maybe it will turn out to be a good thing. Spring break was the WAC tournament in Reno (a.k.a. HELL). I'm still suprides we didn't get a ticket for public intoxication (although we never partook of alcohol). But as the quote goes: "Having fun all day long took a lot of effort, but together we sccomplished it." And boy did we accomplish some crazy things.

April---made up of true aggie nights, Finals, A lot of endings (Diveristy committee, basketball, my career of a USU student) and of course snow for April fools day. I WALKED a 5 K (me run, haha, no.) and won $50 to hamiltons, and thats about it.

May--- Graduation. I finally have a degree from the fabulous Utah State University. A real Bachelors of Science in Sociology, with an emphasis in Criminal Law area studies. it's fantastic. Then my dear Aunt Francis passed away, a victim of the AIDS epidemic. It was sad to see her spunky way of life end. It was good to see all of the family. My roommate Elise got married, and Matt and Kari also were married. The rest of the month was spent settling in to my first summer in Logan.

June--- basically all I do is work the noc shift, play with the neighbors, watch strange movies all night long with Ben, and try to keep some sanity in the summer heat. oh yeah, I got accepted to BATC's Nursing school :)

July--- 3 of my favorite things. First the fourth of july. second my amazing trip to NYC, with Camille, Toni, and LaDawn. and third Jeff and I spending the afternoon documenting the more interesting things that occur at Liberty park on Pioneer day. lol.

August--- Started nursing school on the 1st. too busy to do anything. Summer was WAY to SHORT.

September---yeah so pretty much more school, and work. It is getting hard to balance a lot of things in life, but TV thursdays are my sanity. I haven't had time to even make new friends, and it's werid not being at USU.

October---Voted in as class president at school. funny. appeared in a Documentary called, "Sisterz in Zion" about NYC kids at EFY. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition as bombarded Logan just down the street from my house. It is pretty cool to watch. Halloween and the "Highway to HOWL" was fun as usual, Laura came and spent the weekend.

November--- attended a Forensic nursing conference that got me thinking about a way to cross my sociology degree, and my future nursing degree. Found out my old friend David Haws was dying. Brought me to remember what is really important in life. Merilee came into town with her baby Alex. I spent time with Merilee, Audrey, Nicole, Dave, and Kris. good to have the old group back together. school is still crazy, but the semester is almost over.

December--- Clincals, clinicals, clinicals, clinicals. I love them, but glad for the month break i'm about to begin. Survived my first semester of nursing school. Glad it's Aggie BB season again. Found out we as aggie fans, "exercise reasonable taste in heckling" (SLTrib), which is a laugh. Got unbelievably sick, and landed myself as a patient in the ER. and am now preparing for the Christmas season.

So how do you measure a year? Jonathan Larson was right. Just measure in love, seasons of love.

Happy holidays to everyone, and spread the love :)



Posted by Kristen at Tue Dec 19 2006 07:56

What a year! I hate being sick...what did you have that sent you to the ER? I hope you feel better.

Posted by jill at Wed Dec 20 2006 20:38

a nasty bug of some sort. the Dr. was kind enough to tell me that since I had it so bad, it wouldn't last very long, because a disease can't survive if it kills the host. :P

Posted by Joe Walch at Fri Dec 22 2006 12:44

Here, here; what a year!

Sorry you had to end up in an ER. Those places might be fun the first time. . . until you get the bill.

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