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april showers: well the month started out as a joke...first becasue it was april fools day, and second because it snowed all day april fools day...nice one. haha. but lucky for us the past few days have been beautiful. Tonight I went to the show Blast which is pretty much like marching band geeks gone wild, and one of the more awesome performances I have been to this year. If it comes near you I would recommend seeing it. These people are way to multi-talented though. It is unfair that some people get to dance, sing, do color guard, have perfect rhythm as they play many different percussion instruments, AND can play every horn ever invented. Although I don't want to learn color guard stuff. it was a heck of a lot more entertaining then the symphony last week. Usually I don't mind the symphony but that night it was killing me softly. can't complain though this art symposium class I am in is an easy, and entertaining credit, and I am glad that so many cool events to come to small little Logan.


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