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[Comments] (2) race against time: well today I did a 5K...Jill run a 5K??? Heck no. I walked it. I hate running, but the important thing is, is that I did it. It was for Organ Donation. My opinion on organ donation is this...TAKE IT. What will I need it for. At my mother's request there will be no face transplanting, and at my request I will not allow my liver to be donated to someone who destroyed theirs with drugs and alcohol. no way, you lost your chance when you made your choice. Anyway at the end of the race there was a raffle and I won the grand prize. I never win anything, ever so I was really suprised. I won a $50.00 gift certificate to Hamilton's resturant. Hamilton's is an extremely good balck-tie resturant up here, and I was quite happy with the prize. so I made money walking for organ donation...can't complain about my day!


Posted by Kristen at Mon Apr 10 2006 11:31


Posted by Alyson at Tue Apr 11 2006 16:41

I'm an organ donor! Yay for a yummy restaurant dinner!


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