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I love to play...: I love to play M.A.S.H. This game has, in the past, entertained me and my friends for hours.

[Comments] (3) let's go to the movies...: It is finally summer. Lots of good things happen in summer. BBQ's, fireworks, camping, long days filled with friends, free time, and fun. One of my favorite parts of summer though is all the new "dork movies" that come out. "dork movies" are defined as any movie where people will dress-up and stand in line for hours to see it opening weekend. my first dork movie of the summer was XMEN 3: The Last Stand. it was very enjoyable. Unexpected, but I really liked it. Upcoming dork movies I am excited for: Superman, Pirates of the Carribean 2, and eventually spiderman 3. yeah for summer, yeah for movies that keep you inside when it is finally nice enough to go outside. lol


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