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Hello? Hello...: funny moment at work. one of my favorite resident's Z, is a squishy, funny, Alzeheimer's resident who sleeps and wanders around constantly. one of the only this that comes out of her mouth is, "I love you, let me kiss you." as she grabs you, hugs you, and kisses your cheek. So last night she was in a particularly crazy mood and she wondered over to Marsha, picked up her hand, put it to her ear, and said, "Hello? Heelllloooo." Marsha said that nobody was there and she said, "okay, goodbye" put Marsha's hand back down, and said, "Click. guess noboby was home. I love you." we laughed and laughed.

[Comments] (2) new business venture...: I was at a work lunch with my friend's Matt and LaDawn and we came up with a money making scheme. In Utah an engagement ring is considered, by law, a gift. Thus if you break off an engagement the girl doesn't have to return the ring to the boy, and there is nothing the boy can do about it. Matt stated this as the plan, "all we need to do is find some dishonest women at BYU. They can get meet a boy, get engaged a week later, and then break it off. Then we sell the diamond, and split the money." sounds like a plan to me :)

: funny new quote I heard from a friend... " Mormons don't have to get drunk to do crazy things. We just do them and accept that we are crazy." --Rules of Engagement


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