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[Comments] (2) Green: First off Happy St. Patricks day. Tonight I am going to spend it in SL with some of my old roommates. I'm pretty excited. This week has been school for me and spring break for USU so it's been kind of weird balancing playing with friends, and still doing homework, but I got an A on my tests this week, so I feel I've done ok. I spent last weekend in New Mexico and had an awesome time. Met lots of really cool people from around the nation,watched some good basketball, and even got to see the place where Billy the Kid was finally killed. and of course had to sneak in some REAL, good Mexican food on the way. Now I'm just trying to debate cleaning my room, or just scrapbooking. both need to be done, but it is hard to prioritize the boring one.


Posted by Alyson at Wed Mar 21 2007 14:24

I often wonder what "real" Mexican food might be like. Are you a March Madness watcher?

Posted by Jill at Thu Mar 22 2007 14:34

I am becasue my roommate is and it is always on. It can be fun to watch though. Since my favorite teams are out, I have to root for my fellow aggies at Texas A&M and UNLV.

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