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[Comments] (2) on the topic of babies: For the past 5 weeks I have been doing a random group of clinicals for school consisting of Respiratory therapy, Behavioral health, same day surgery, the mother baby unit, Labor and Delivery, and the NICU. Needless to say, besides seeing a gallbladder removed through a tiny home, and a few crazy people, I have spent a lot of time with babies. Oh yeah and the anesthesiolgist let me assist with intubation once--that was pretty cool. I have helped deliver babies who were born after 1-6 pushes, and were fine, babies we we had to resusitate at birth, a c-section, the vaginal delivery of twins, and many new mothers and fathers, who can't believe how it just happened. It has been a very enlightening experience, and I now know how wonderful an epidural is. I have also seen babies survive after a really long struggle for life, some with a ventilator. I congratulate all those who are mothers, because I don't know how you do it between the diapers, the feeding, the crying, the feeding, the diapers, the feeding, more crying, and after another feeding you finally get a nap...jk time to eat again.


Posted by Susie at Wed Apr 25 2007 09:20

How fun! yay for babies.

Posted by Joe Walch at Thu Apr 26 2007 18:28

Ditto Yay. I am also glad for the Epidural. What a wonderful time we live in.

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