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on the topic of Virginia Tech: I was sad when my teacher announced that there was currently a shooting happening at a campus across the country. I was sadder to find out the story behind it. What does something like this mean? Why? My friend scotty is in Korea doing an internship and he wrote the following on his blog. "It’s been really weird; being in Korea as the story behind the Virginia Tech shootings unfolds. Everyone I’ve talked to in the past three days have all apologized to me; the Korean people are so sorry that one of their own people killed and hurt the lives of so many people. I’ve tried telling people that we don’t think of Cho Seong-hui as a Korean as much as someone who went off the deep-end. I mean, according to reports, he’s lived in the US much longer than he ever lived in Korea.
Koreans don’t accept that as an answer. He’s a Korean; a Korean caused the largest killing spree in US history."
To that I wrote, "As the story unfolds it's about how other Americans treated him that gave him the feelings he had. I feel sorry for the victims, their families, the killer, his family, and all those who can reflect back to something they did, and are now blaming themselves. We live in a screwed up world, and a world where tragedy brings unity, and hopefully people can unify for the good this time."
A couple days agao we help a candle-light vigil at USU to honor the fallen. In the middle of a violinist playing amazing grace, we heard a loud sob, and say on the front row a group of students in VT apparell. After the song was over one of the stood and spoke. To all of our suprise they were a group of students and professors from VT staying in Logan for a Natl. college cow-ropping competition. This was the first time they had the opportunity to fully greive for their classmates and associates. It was quite the emotional sight. Then a fellow USU student stood, and gave advice to the surviovors and all those who mourn. He had the right to give advice, for he was a survivor of the shootings at Columbine high school, and had lost many friends. We live in a screwed up world, like I stated above, but it reminds us what is really important, and unifies us in a war for a better future.

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