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[Comments] (1) on the topic of other random things.: My new favorite movie is freedom writers. Great book, great movie. We are filing complaints to the owners of our apartments against the managers. What right does the manager have to just come in when ever they want and show our apartment whether we are home or not? They have some of the right because in our contract it states the following, "The managemnet reserves the right to show your apartment, at reasonable times, to possibe future tenants, buyers, etc..." Show it all you want but I don't think that showing people your private room when you aren't home is a "reasonable time". We will see if anything happens. I had a football player I had never even met, text me yesterday offering me $50 to write a paper for him. What the heck is that all about!?! I told him I wouldn't write it but I would edit it for $25. he never wrote back. :)


Posted by Kristen at Thu Apr 26 2007 08:05

Good to see you back writing. I loved the movie Freedom Writers too.

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