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Christmas time is here....: ...which means that 2008 is right around the corner. Don't remember what my '07 New Years resolutions were, so I doubt I accomplished them. One was probably about improving my blogging skills. oh well.

But here is what I did do with my year:

I graduated from nursing school year 1 and passed my NClex-PN boards. I work 2 nursing jobs. I went to Las Cruses for the WAC tourney and met lots of awesome people while watching lots of awesome basketball. I turned 24 and celebrated 80's rock style. I lost a good friend to a really rare disease. I finally moved, after staging a revolution with my roommates against our managers. I passed pathophysiology. I fell down a waterfall and have several scars to prove it. I spent many days getting sunburnt at bear lake. I bought a new car. I saw a grim, subsquenting in weeks of terrible luck. and I got into weber state to finish my 2nd year of nursing.

So what does my future hold? Transferring to WSU which lets be honest I rather go to BYU and that is saying something. But I will be done withschool in 1 year and will never go back. Then I can fulfill my dreams of being an ER nurse, and travel the world with Doctors without Borders or something.

Life is good, I am grateful for the many wonderful people and experiences it brings. Thanks to all of you who are a part of it.

Happy holidays!

Love Jill

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