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pottermania: The world has caught a disease I like to call Pottermania. I love it, I got the fever. I'm all ready for the 7th book, although a little nervous. The nerdy part of me can hardly wait. This afternoon though I actually said, "accio phone" out loud when my phone rang and it was in the other room. I swear i'll be back to normal in a week.

[Comments] (1) back to normal.: Finished HP 7 in 8 hours...that's 84 pgs an hour. Felt like I had a hangover afterwards. Won't say anything more about it, but if you want to see pictures of me dressed up look here: http://usu.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2012867&l=64954&id=122801831

I decided that I might as well just dress up as Tonks. Why the heck not!?! So I did, and it was fun. And He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named read my roommates palm, and a bunch of house-elves went on strike...then a raptor ran by and was attacked by Spiderman. Overall waiting for the book to come out was highly entertaining. :)


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