No Day But Today for 2007 September

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[Comments] (4) Time..: What to do with my time? That is the question that is running through my head constantly. now that I am a nurse I only have 1 class and work 3 12 hour shifts a week. That adds up to a lot of extra free time. I need a new hobby. Any ideas?

the haunting: At work we are being haunted again. Yes, again. We have a "Character" we call Jake (I believe I have posted about him before). Normally it's kind of creepy and entertaining to be a little haunted. But as a nurse it is burning me out. At first the people going crazy were funny..."hey my head just fell off" or the "I'm dead! I'm actaully dead" said one old lady with histerical laughter. But now it's not so funny. People are mysteriously falling and ending up in places it would be impossible for them to be in. People can't tell if they are awake or asleep. Call light buttons are going off in empty rooms, and the button itself is broken in half, when moments earlier it was in one piece. It makes me tired. It makes my head spin. Maybe I'll catch a break this week, and no one will die on my watch, or fall, or think they are dead. Maybe.


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