No Day But Today for 2008 June 5 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (1) My new job: I love my new job a lot. It is a lot of fun actually. I am working as a nurse at the new Intermountain Medical (aka the Death Star or Mother ship), on the 12th floor. This building is SO tall, and the view is spectacular. I can't wait until I am a registered nurse and get to play with the IV's here, but I can do everything else as an LPN. Yay for the real rocks!!


Posted by Joe Walch at Sat Jun 14 2008 22:56


Russ Nelson (Louise's Brother-in-law) also works there as an Ortho Surgeon. He says its a pretty cooperative place to work, and even though he doesn't make as much as other places he's pretty satisfied (I mean, what's the differenc between $500,000 and $400,000 in the end right?) They live in that area as well. It seems like a really nice hospital (and probably much nicer than most) even though they strong-arm the competition. As long as patients are put first.

2 Weeks and I will have officially finished the USMLE.

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