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[Comments] (2) Museum of Ancient Life: Yesterday we went to the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving point. I don't care what your philosophy is on how or when or why dinosaurs etc, existed they are still cool to learn about. I hadn't been to the museum in years but it still was fascinating to walk around. Of course my favorite was t-Rex and the giant shark. I still remember years ago when all of my cousins were in town and we pretended to throw Lorna in the shark's mouth, I ducked from the caveman skeleton that was throwing a rock, and Frances posed with the archeologists because we were sure to be related!


Posted by Susie at Wed Aug 20 2008 11:25

Hey! I didn't see you there!

Posted by Jill at Tue Aug 26 2008 18:07

You guys went to?!?! All I could see was a million little boy scouts running wild!

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