The Gum Tree for 2006 October 4 (entry 1)

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Wed Oct 04 08:55:19 MST It must be hard to be a talk show host:

There is somewhat of a firestorm that has brewed in the "Religious Right" camp surrounding the statements of James Dobson. To be fair, I think Dobson was just speculating about the future, and I doubt that it was a statement based in bigotry. Here is what one blog said about the statement:

"The good news is, many evangelicals are apologizing for Dobson, even excoriating him. At the very least they are trying to explain away what he said. Because they all remember what Dr. Dobson apparently forgot:

Anyone who divides the religious majority in America for whatever reason carries a spear for the secular left and ensures the right’s defeat in the most imminent battles of the culture war.

'A house divided against itself cannot stand, and must fall.'

Dr. Dobson would do well to focus on his family; to figure out once and for all just who his family members are." --Mitch Davis of

I say so many questionble things which may be taken so many ways that I sympathise with James Dobson. I think his support will be strong if Mitt becomes a strong contender.


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