The Gum Tree for 2006 August

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Tue Aug 01 19:27:10 MST The First Week:

Two days down, 2,300 to go. Med school I hope I will make it.

We are being stuffed with all kinds of scientific facts, figures, principles, etc. Many of the students are drinking coffee late into the night already as we turn our brains into a kind of foie gras for public use and consumption. I have met my cadaver (which lies in a tank of preserving liquid), and I am excited to get to the back--which we will disect on Thursday to see his back muscles and paravertebral nerves.

Louise is also going in for an interview for work as a library assistant at a middle school tomorrow. We will see if she takes the job or not, or if they decide to hire her. I think she would rather work in special education, but she seems content to work in a library.

[Comments] (1) Fri Aug 18 11:13:34 MST In my dreams:

Woke up this morning at around 2:30 to use the restroom, and I found myself intensly trying to work out what nerve innervates the lacrimal gland and what other parasympathetic functions would be absent if the that nerve was damaged. I try to rest, but even when I am asleep I am studying. Weird.

I guess that is where my dreams of superhero adventures--saving people from bad guys and driving fast cars--have gone.

Mon Aug 28 09:11:08 MST Breakfast Dialogue:

(Posted by Louise)

Joe: Thanks for making me breakfast sweety. Louise: Glad to have someone around to make breakfast for. Joe: Glad to be of existence.

NB Being the rebel that I am, I insist on ending sentences with prepositions when possible. Contrary to popular belief, English does not conform to Latin grammar.


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