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[Comments] (9) Mon Feb 25 10:09:05 On Church Discipline:

A couple of articles have appeared in the Salt Lake Tribune criticizing the Church for ‘oppressive’ action in suppressing opposing opinions regarding the issue of Gay Marriage. The church has taken the unusual step of releasing their side of the story.

I think the issue here is the bright line the church has drawn between political action and speech and advocating doctrines or criticizing church leaders. With regards to the issue of Gay Marriage, it seems the church has drawn it’s lines accordingly: it’s OK to oppose the Federal Marriage Amendment, or to support Gay Marriage legislation, but it’s not OK to say that church leaders are wrong for supporting the legislation.

It seems that, as long as people don’t criticize the Church or its leaders, or start publicly teaching doctrine that is against the Church’s doctrine (e.g. teaching that late-term abortion is not a sin), then they don’t need to worry about excommunication. They can reason all they want (like Harry Reid does) for or against a position (e.g. abortion, Marriage Amendment), but they can’t publicly argue doctrine contrary to the Church or oppose the church’s leaders in public.

Is this anti-intellectual? You decide. I’m not sure the church wants amateur theologians that constantly oppose the church from within the church.


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