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Sat Jun 14 10:38:09 Tim Russert: Enter into your Rest:

I just learned that Timmy Russert died. I watched Meet the Press religiously every Sunday night. He was the Gold Standard of political journalism, and NBC's Washington bureau has lost a major contributor to American political dialogue.

[Comments] (2) Tue Jun 24 09:13:26 LDS Church Activism:

The LDS Church has mailed out a letter to California Bishops asking for financial and personal support of the Marriage Amendment. You can read the letter here. In the past, the Church has organized political action on this issue with the use of its Stake Centers and membership lists.

This is bound to stir up considerable resentment among those who oppose traditional marriage since the LDS church is arguably the third most powerful non-governmental organization in the United States.

I think that even if this does get passed, there will be facial lawsuits and it will eventually be decided by the Supreme Court or by the people through a Federal Constitutional Amendment.

Wed Jun 25 19:26:41 Supreme Court and Child Rapists:

Justice Kennedy:

[Rape and other Crimes] "may be as devastating in their harm, as here, but 'in terms of moral depravity and of the injury to the person and to the public,' they cannot be compared to murder in their 'severity and irrevocability,'"

I beg to differ.

Firstly, how can the rape of a child be "as devastating in [its] harm" as murder, and yet not comparable in the magnitude of it's injury?

Isn't there more depravity in torture (especially of the sexual sort) than there is in simple clean murder; especially torture of a person who hasn't built up strong psychological defense mechanisms, who is most vulnerable to 'irrevocable' psychological damage?

If only Bork sat in Kennedy's chair.

P.S. I'm glad Obama isn't opposed to the death penalty for Child Rapists. But that's today; we'll have to see what he says tomorrow.

This court is out-of-control. Think of it: 9 people who can willy nilly strike down any law they see fit based on how they feel that particular day. This isn't the rule-of-law, it's the rule of will and tyranny.

Tomorrow they rule on the constitutioality of a person's right to own a gun.

Wed Jun 25 20:00:38 Small World:

Louise's parents hosted some people at their home while they were in Tookley for a Tamworth reunion. They got talking about country music, and Louise's parents found out that they were hosting the parents of SHeDAISY.

They swapped Lorin Nicholson CDs for SHeDAISY CDs, and made plans to attend Tamworth's Country Music Festival together.


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