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[Comments] (10) Caution: Don't read unless you want to hear some venting: Every time I tell people that I am starting to feel better, my body proves me wrong. Friday I felt great and Saturday too, until I ate this nasty burrito and then took a nap. I woke up from the nap with a massive headache and just feeling queasy. Aaron and I did go to Chevy's with Aaron's brothers and family, and we went to see P&P only because I got the tickets before I was feeling bad. After the movie I came home and threw up in the bath tub b/c Aaron was using the toilet, and I couldn't wait. Then I ate something and threw that up too. By this point I was scared to eat anything else so I decided that if I was going to throw up something it might as well taste sweet and not spicy, acidic, or whatever so I ate a rice crispy treat. Luckily it stayed down and I went to bed before my body demanded more food.

I guess I threw up so much this weekend because Sunday when I finally looked into the mirror after lounging around all day I saw that I had broken the tiny blood vessels under my eyes. I had one noticeable one and several red spots that you could see up close (a foot away). Plus I am getting these massive headaches and I don't know if it is from throwing up till my eyeballs almost pop out, or if it is just from pregnancy stuff. I think it is both b/c I get them when I don't and I get them worse when I do throw up.

Now I have a cold (coughing, sneezing, runny nose, congestion, sinus headaches) worse than the normal congestion I have had since I can remember being pregnant. Argh. Imagine having snot that you are constantly hacking and blowing out, and when it runs down the back of your throat it makes you gag. That is what the past 3 months have been like for me. I feels good to vent, sorry about all the nasty details. I will be good now for awhile so please don't stop reading my blog.

Enough said about that. I have to say the P&P was not as good as I expected, but better than some of the Mormon genre movies. I didn't like the first 30 mins of the movie at all. They have to throw in those stupid Mormon clich├ęs that are exaggerated, and some unfounded in the first place. Why must these movies contain them??? Furthermore, the girls in the movie all had the pouty lip thing going on. It is Julia Roberts trademark, where you talk like you want your lips to be noticed so you pout them to look sexy, when all you look like is that you are really trying to pout your lips. I think it looks goofy an unnatural. The story is cheesy, but kinda gets the hopeless romantic in me at the end. The acting is better than most of the other Mormon movies I have seen, and it is b/c only 2 characters were actually Mormon. The director I found out is Mormon, but he got all the actors from LA. Yes, it was lame, but the film had some redeeming qualities. Darcy's character was messed up though b/c they make him all rude at the beginning, and for no good reason I add, and then he miraculously changes into the opposite. It is unbelievable and poor character development if you ask me.

Hidalgo, on the other hand was excellent. A good clean film that has a very good message. I thought it was funny, had some good action, and some purging of empathy and sadness too. Viggo's acting was very good I think and so was everyone else. Hidalgo gets an A to A+, and P&P gets a C+ to a B-.


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