Sunny 9 for 2004 October 29 (entry 1)

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[Comments] (1) I love baby's breath!: Today I looked at Lily in our bed laying on top of a pillow top mattress and 320 thread-count sateen sheets with a down comforter covering her up, and I thought 'she is so spoiled, and I love it!' (Or are Aaron and I so spoiled?)

Anyway, she has been sleeping so great this past week. Yesterday she slept 6 hours, the day before 7 and the day before 5 hours. And when she gets up I feed her and she always goes back down for another 3 hours after that. I think I can handle waking up once a night. I have such a good girl, and she is sooo cute.


Posted by Alyson at Sat Oct 30 2004 22:17


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