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[Comments] (6) Agency and choices divorced from accountability and consequences: A comment that Sumana made about Anna Karenina started me thinking. The book is about infidelity and I was wondering what the difference was between these so-called ‘Classics’ which seem to hold their own on immorality, and daytime TV soaps and other such shows. The TV shows certainly aren’t Classics, so why are the ‘Classics’ revered and immortalized? Is it all smut?

Then a comment was made in church on Sunday about in today’s society agency and choices are divorced from accountability and consequences. In the vulgar TV shows (I admit I watch occasionally) there really isn’t a correct portrayal of reality and how people can spend, spend, spend, but no one declares bankruptcy. Or they have affairs and inappropriate relations, yet it can’t really expose the true unhappiness and sorrow it leads too.

I couldn’t believe in Anna Karenina how nonchalant the character went about the affair, and how it was all about pretenses for their peers so they aren’t disgraced. But then I realized in the end, it got the best of the character and led to their demise. There’s a bombshell of a consequence for ya.


Posted by Alyson at Wed Mar 09 2005 16:45

And, therein lies Tolstoy's morality.

Posted by Kristen at Wed Mar 09 2005 23:27


Posted by Sumana at Fri Mar 11 2005 23:33

You've spurred me to a huge comment that is about to go up at my blog....

Posted by Kristen at Sat Mar 12 2005 00:15

I think everyone understood what I was saying, but let me just clarify: My circle of thinking led me back to the conclusion that Anna Karenina was a Classic because although dealing with immoral actions the book was moral. If that makes sense. I agree with you as well Sumana, that some TV shows do have a moral.

Posted by Sumana at Sat Mar 12 2005 15:34

OK, I understand that. I'm just trying to figure out what the rules are for declaring a story a classic or not, or moral or immoral.

Posted by Kristen at Mon Mar 14 2005 23:30

I see.

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