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[Comments] (2) : Aaron's parents are in town. His grandmother passed away so we are heading up to Idaho tomorrow for the funeral on Wed. We also got new cell phones, so take note of our new phone #s. Kristen- 671-1598, Aaron 671-0446. Things have been a little crazy with everyone in town, but as always it is fun to hang out.

Easter we had dinner at Aaron's brother's house and that is about it. Today during lunch Lily wanted what I was having so much. SHe had to settle for lettuce b/c it was the only thing she could have without it hurting her tummy. The look on her face was hilarious but she kept coming back for more. She is a cute little growler now. She will growl at whoever looks at her and it is hilarious. She will even clentch her fists and shake them while she growls. She is really growing into her own. She hates to be alone in a room even more so than before, but fortunately she doesn't mind strangers or going to them.


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