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[Comments] (7) GMAC: The Wal-mart of mortgage companies..."You pay for what you get": OH MAN! This past 6 weeks has been super stressful for me, and an emotional roller coaster. Is it this hard for everyone to buy a house? Seriously, we went through GMAC mortgage and I have never worked with more inept morons. They were so flaky and flat out lied to us part of the time. It got so bad and took forever that our builder OBRA threatened to cancel our home contract. That was the day we loaded up the moving van. As you can imagine I didn't appreciate hearing that we were going to be homeless when we arrived in San Antonio.

We stopped in Mesa, AZ along the way to TX to visit Aaron's parents. We stayed for 2 days and had fun, all the while stressing out about not having a home and using all our minutes on our cell phone in 2 weeks for the entire month while talking to loan officers, real estate agent, and the builders.

We finally signed papers for closing today after waiting for 2 1/2 hours in the office b/c yet again another thing went wrong that they had to straighten out. Everything that could have gone wrong for us, did. I am so surprised we even got the dang loan. Not to mention, from having the moving van another day extra we had to pay another $100 on top of the moving van expenses to keep the van another day b/c it was due back and we still had no house. Moving is expensive. So at 6:00pm today we got the key and Aaron is unloading the moving van as I type. Lily was so exhausted from no naps and being hauled around town from the bank to the title company that I had to come back to my mom's (where we are staying) to put her to bed.

So everyone, to make a long story short...I wouldn't recommend GMAC mortgage company to my worst enemy. You can get a good rate with them, but since they are so large, they have overextended themselves, therefore being completely unreliable. Thanks heavens this is over and I can sleep normal again and I have my appetite back.


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