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[Comments] (6) Brought to my attention: Aaron and I watched Emma last night. I really liked it, and it was brought to my attention that Clueless with Alicia Silverstone was based off of Emma. My family loves Clueless or at least we did...I still do. It was the only movie at Uncle Justin's condo for the longest time and might still be. So every summer when we would visit we would watch it. I thought it was clever and funny, and now I know why. Jane Austen wrote the plot. I mean you can't go wrong with Jane Austen's writing. Who doesn't love her? After reading Pride and Prejudice recently I have fallen in love with Jane's characters and writing style. It was very refreshing to feel like a teenager again with all those romantic notions that I thought I had lost.


Posted by Rachel Richardson at Mon Jan 09 2006 17:49

I totally agree. A while ago on my boss' academic discussion list (I print all her email) a bunch of people argued that Clueless was a better representation of Austen'sstyle, themes, and sense of humor than the BBC version. I think it does a much better job of adapting than does even 10 Things I hate About You, another great movie.

Posted by anonymous at Mon Jan 09 2006 23:43

Yup its still there!! I was at the condo New Years and i was thinking of watching it for old times sake.

Posted by Julie at Mon Jan 09 2006 23:44

That was me i forgot to put my name

Posted by Susie at Tue Jan 10 2006 09:20

you print all her email? my boss is a hard-copy person too. what a waste of trees.
Back on topic... John loves the movie "Clueless" too! He thinks it's so funny and loves when I "get" his jokes from it. I don't think I've read Emma, but I have read pride & prejudice... but I barely remember. so I'll stop talking!

Posted by Rachel Richardson at Tue Jan 10 2006 12:50

she is too blind to use the computer. I have to print it in font 14 in columns so she can read them with a magnifying machine. But mostly I think her husband reads them to her.

If you read Emma you will see the similarities with Clueless. It's really good, I think you'd like it.You should borrow it from mom. Another good one is Jane Eyre.

Posted by Alyson at Wed Jan 11 2006 20:35

Yay for Jane Eyre! Yay for Jane Austen! If I ever have another child, and it is a daughter, I'm going to name her Jane.

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