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[Comments] (1) Owie, bum: Lily has another yeast infection or at least we think. The doctor says she sees a little yeast, but she also has a really bad rash. We can never get rid of it too because she goes #2 three times a day usually waking up with a load in the pants. I have no idea when she first goes; I just hope it isn't in the middle of the night so she has it on her skin that long. But even if it is first thing in the morning, the girl just keeps going and going.

I am getting pretty tired of changing these diapers all the time. I wish it could be more normal and only once a day. I could handle that. I am beginning to think she might be allergic to something she eats. The doctor also said the long term solution is to potty train her so she doesn't have moist diapers and that she has sensitive skin that can't handle it. Potty training is not really in the cards right now. She only tells us about it after she goes because she is saying owie bum and pointing to it. Poor thing.

This is the month of birthdays by the way. Happy Birthday to Erin a couple days ago, Booner yesterday, Atticus and Chuck today, and Julie and Andrew tomorrow.


Posted by Susie at Wed Jun 14 2006 17:47

owie bum, hehe!

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