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[Comments] (2) First name basis: Lately it has been fun and interesting to try and decipher the new words Lily has been rapidly adding to her vocabulary. She parrots a lot of what we say, and she can even count to three now. I had to chuckle when I took Lily outside with me to see where Aaron had gone and I heard her call out, "Aurn". I don't know why I find it so amusing.

But then today when Aaron and I were out running errands, we were standing in line and Aaron was holding her. Lily reached for me and kept repeating, "dee-din". I thought, "hmm, I have heard Lily say that word before, but what context was it in or what was she playing with." I looked around me and thought about what I was holding thinking maybe I could find a clue as to what "dee-din" was. I asked Aaron, "what is dee-din?" and as soon as I said it out loud I knew exactly what it was. It sounded just like what Joe used to call me when he and I were little and what my mom sometimes calls me now. "Didden" actually is how he said it.

Lily was calling me by my first name. Aaron and I got a kick out of it, and we couldn't figure out how she knew my name since Aaron rarely calls me Kristen. I guess all the time we have been spending at my mom's and her and Lorna calling me Kristen maybe she figured it out.

Anyway, before I was a mom I kinda rolled my eyes at kids that called their parents by their first name, but now after hearing my name from Lily's lips, I think it is so precious. I guess it makes my heart swell that Lily is really getting to know me as her mama if that makes sense.


Posted by Alyson at Fri Jun 23 2006 08:00

Awww, that is too sweet!

Posted by Susie at Fri Jun 23 2006 09:07

so cute! That reminds me of our nephew tyler when I was looking for John... "honey! I mean, Uncle John!"

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