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[Comments] (2) Cuteness: There is this really cute thing Lily has been doing for awhile now. I don't remember when it started but it has been since she has started talking. I may have even mentioned it before, but Lily will summon her toys by saying, "'mere" and open and close her little fist. "'Mere duckies" or "'mere Elmo". It totally cracks me up the way she does it. Sometimes she will just see her toy and get excited and say, "Hi duckies" and then she will wave her adorable wave that I also love. She keeps her arm still and straight out and will just flip her hand up and down.

She is quite the sponge now too. Occasionally she will repeat that last thing we say, especially if she is talking on the phone to you. "What are you doing?"


"Are you being a good girl?"

"Good girl."

"Are you playing with your new Elmo doll?"


But Aaron and I have to be careful now what we say because I have heard Lily say freak and even in the right context. Could have been coincidental. The twin bed experience has been much better. She has resumed to making noise for us to come get her at the normal times again. Plus I never find her lying on the floor sleeping. She knows to always get back in bed and she can do it pretty easily. Too bad that mattress is really uncomfortable so it is hard to lie down beside her. She seems to love her big girl bed though.


Posted by Alyson at Sun Jul 23 2006 23:05

Yay for a successful transition to the big girl bed! That Lily is one cute cookie.

Posted by Julie at Mon Jul 24 2006 01:38

Cutie little girl. i wish i could see her more.

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