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[Comments] (2) Shopping Spree: Anybody that knows me knows that all I need is an excuse to go shopping and I am all about it. I am a very decisive shopper. I usually go to the mall with a purpose or a list of things I have been wanting. I walk into a store just glancing briefly at the front items while bee lining for the back where the sale rack is. I very rarely buy any clothes that are not on sale, and the feeling of getting something on sale is not easily duplicated. I have these crazy ideas that I can't afford not to buy whatever it is that is on sale. If it is a great deal, then I feel like the money saved is money earned. Money in my pocket. Like I didn't pay full price so that means I get to buy even more things. And heck, since it is such a great deal I'll throw in another one in a different color.

Lately, I can only shop when I "need" something, stupid dental school student loans. This past little while my needs have been new maternity clothes and new baby boy clothes. I like having needs because then it means I don't have to feel guilty spending money we don't have. Plus, I have not been shopping for a long time for myself or anything else really.

Going to the outlet mall has been on my mind recently, so when Aaron had Friday off (ok, he skipped one little class) I thought it was the perfect time for us to do something as a family that was fun. Lucky for us we went on the first day of tax free clothes shopping. There is no tax for 4 or 5 days a couple weeks before school starts so the residents of Texas are able to afford back to school clothes for their kids and school uniforms. It was a little crowded but not too bad and definitely worth the $30 we saved going this weekend.

First we hit Old Navy. Aaron found a couple polo shirts he needed for school, and I found some pretty cute things for Lily but only bought the ones that were really good deals and the things she needed like a new dress. For some reason Lily outgrows dresses more quickly than anything else, and she only has her Christmas one and David's wedding outfit that she wore. I found a few pants for baby boy Smith. It is such an eye-opening experience shopping for boys. I feel so bad for those moms that have never experienced the joy of shopping for a girl. Boys just aren't fun to shop for. I kept trying to get excited about it but I just kept thinking about going back to the girl’s section. I don't know if it is just because I am not a boy, but you can not get excited about seeing the cutest button up shirt and tie as you can for an adorable little jumper with a matching t-shirt that has scalloped sleeves and neck and matching little shoes. Nothing makes me want to say good-bye to my "do not buy unless on sale rule" like a precious little baby girl outfit. The other reason why I feel bad for those with only boys is because oh my gosh! every store has this gigantic section for girls and about a tenth section for boys’ clothes. There just isn't any selection. Hmm, what to buy: button up shirt with jeans or a polo shirt with jeans. Tough.

As you people can tell by the length of this blog entry about my shopping trip...I don't get out much. Feel free to stop reading if you are bored because the rest is still going to be all about me practically robbing stores of their merchandise. Ok, back to the baby clothes. Next stop was Children's Place. I really like Children's Place; it is probably the best store I can count on to find what I like for a really good price usually every time I go in there. Tons of things that were already marked down had 50% off on top of that. And this time, they really did have a lot of boy things that caught my eye. I got a lot of shorts/pants/shirts for baby boy smith (again, that's all your choices are with boys) and a few outfits for Lily.

Lily was screaming "hungry" and "lunch" while we were in line so we grabbed some lunch at Cracker Barrel. Lily has been quite the eater this week, it must be a growth spurt, and I am not kidding, she probably ate the same quantity of food as me. The girl really was hungry. After lunch we made our way to Gap and found nothing that I had to get for the baby. Gap is a little expensive sometimes when it comes to baby clothes. Then we landed in Carter's. When I was pregnant with Lily my first purchase for her other than a pack of tiny onesies as a present for Aaron when I told him we were pregnant was her baby blanket. She has slept with this blanket almost every night of her life. She calls it her "ainky" but is getting better at saying "blankey" and she loves it and her lamb. It is a really soft pink blanket with satin on the underside that I got at Carter's in the outlet mall in Park City. I knew I was going to get one for baby number two and was very happy to see that two years later, they still have the same blankets that they did 2 years prior. Aaron chose the green one for our little guy and it is so soft. Carter's probably had the most impressive sales. They had little overalls and button up shirt outfit for $3.99. Not each, the whole outfit was $3.99! So I bought ten different ones. Like I said, I couldn't afford not to get them. Plus they make great baby shower gifts.

Last stop was Pottery Barn. It was at this point that I saw the most amazing deal that I started foaming from the mouth and twitching so much that Aaron had to shoot me with a tranquilizer. Right here was the cutest twin comforter that I had ever seen and had spent literally a year looking for something that was just right and at a good price. I love Pottery Barn's bedding. They have the cutest selection and all of it is good quality not like some other stores cheap and cheesy stuff. Plus it was 25% off all bedding and another 10% off everything in the store from an already marked down price. I paid $56 for it when it was regularly $159. Some may say that $56 is a rip off for a twin comforter, but I would say not for a Pottery Barn Kids twin comforter. I also got curtain rods for the front room because that is what I want for my birthday is window treatments. Now I just have to find the curtains I like that are just right which will probably take another year.

I will tell you, after so much shopping we were beat. Plus, Lily was exhausted and making every minute miserable so we decided enough damage done and that we better go home before we or shall I say before I spotted something we just had to have. Whoever came up with "shop till you drop" was being very literal.


Posted by Jenni at Mon Aug 07 2006 00:09

Wow--what a day! I'm getting tired just thinking about all that shopping! I will agree with you about the lack of selection for little boys's so sad when you walk into a children's clothing store and 2/3 ot it or more is girl's stuff with the last little 1/3 being for boys. HOWEVER, I have to disagree with you about loving little boy's clothes...I love shopping for it! It's probably because that's all I'm used to and I have to like it or else my kids would not have cute clothing. You'll get used to it...I have actually come to the point where I don't even glance at the little girl's stuff anymore-I love the boy's stuff.

Posted by Susie at Mon Aug 07 2006 09:16

How fun! we haven't bought anything in ages.

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